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electrical engineer

Yangon, Myanmar

permanent job & increment need,pay hard working ,sound knowledges,honesty,self-starter. from year 2000 to today vships . 3 years diploma in electrical engineering. 2 years completion in university . matainence and trouble shooting of electric machainery on boardship.

electrical engineer

Yangon, Myanmar

permanent job & increment need,pay hard working ,sound knowledges,honesty,self-starter. from year 2000 to today vships . 3 years diploma in electrical engineering. 2 years completion in university . matainence and trouble shooting of electric machainery on boardship.

Master, unlimited

Portland, ME, USA

with my Union, American Maritime Officers. start as Second Mate, with opportunity for advancement. Will consider suitable shoreside situation. Navigate deep-sea vessels under all weather and traffic conditions. Operate radar, navigation and radio communications equipment.

Third Officer

Delhi, India

I am deeply interested in the maritime field and all the management related jobs. I believe that by joining your company I can build upon my acquired as well as inherent Managerial and Organizational skills. Considering my seafaring background…

3rd Mate, Able Body Seaman, Ordinary Seaman

San Diego, CA, USA

I would like to find a mate position with a company in San Diego,CA. If there is not a mate position then I am willing to work as an AB or Ordinay Seaman until a position opens up. Mentor 4 Inc. expense report per week. service communication to ensure prompt processing. regulations. Extensity.

Third Mate

Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

I seek a third mate position where exceptional technical and interpersonal skills are required. I believe the knowledge i attained during my studies will aid me in being an asset to any company. Mostly Placed in the North Sea out of Aberdeen, Scottland. Diploma In Nautical Science.

Chief Mate Unlimited Tonnage

Matthews, NC, USA

To find a shoreside position that meets with my qualifications. I.U.O.E. 2001 to Present Involved in all aspects of harbor and channel dredging, beach restoration, and heavy equipment transportation as a tugboat operator. Second Mate involved…

Third Mate

Meraux, LA, USA

To sail in order to fulfill my obligation and advance my license on a US flagged commercial vessel. USNS Richard G. Matthiesen Product Tanker Ocean Shipholdings,Inc. M/V Ascension Container Vessel Sealift, Inc. - Solely responsible for…

Marine Engineer

Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

I want to maximise any opportunity given to inprove on these great profession. F ADAMAC MARINE SERVICE LIMITED – WITH SUFFOLK PETROLEUM OIL SERVICES LIMITED AND INTERNATIONAL OIL SERVICE LIMITED: Activities carried out: Running and maintenance of sixteen…

any engine room job from 3A/E too Chief

Zephyrhills, FL, USA

over 30 years engine room experiance with over 20 years as 1st. or Chief Engineer. high school and vaarious courses at Calhoon School Of Marine Engineering…

BS in Maritime Administration looking for experience

San Antonio, TX, USA

I would like to work full time and be able to learn and travel. Wild Side, Galveston, TX. Cashier. Tyler Place Resort, VT. Assistant Manager of dining room. Managed twenty full time employees. Dealt with staffing issues, scheduling, training, evaluations and every day operations.

Bridgewatchman, AB Seaman

Nassau, Bahamas

i would like to be employed as an Able Bodied Seaman. i would expect my job would be to clean and maintain the vessel, keep watch, and also assist mates in chart work. I have been on several expeditions with vessels:passenger, cargo. I worked…

trainee with some exp. WANT to learn.

Van Nuys, CA, USA

have served on several cruise ships as stage manager/sound man. I love the ocean & ships/boats & wish I joined the navy. want to learn all I can about all types of ocean vessels. am quick study & sincerely willing, I'll start at the bottom as long there is opportunity for advancement.

DP Master

Cochin, Kerala, India

I prefer to work on board DP vessels as Master or DP Operator on a 1:1 leave/work ratio. I sought pre-mature retirement from Navy and worked for Reliance Industries, as Master of one of their Ocean-going Tugs. This was a 5500 h.p. 42 b.p. tug…

Naval Architect

Trichur, Kerala, India

To contribute creative technological skills with experience and work in tune with the organizational objectives with a team that enhances the organization’s success, while keeping abreast with the Hi-Technology trends in shipbuilding industry.

Master mariner, Newbuilding superintendent, Site/project manager ship building

3219 Sandefjord, Norway

Interested in management of ship building/supevision on behalf of owners/management. Enjoy working in the far east. 2001-2003: New building Superintendent(Project manager) Jiangdu Shipyard, Jiangdu China. Employed by Project Partner Limited, Hong Kong.

Senior Staff Chief Engineer Retired, Marine and Power Consultant

Lihue, HI, USA

Now retired and living in Hawaii. I am the Woodward Governor rep in the Hawaiian Islands, Represent Sims Pump and Valve Company, Case Marine, Branom Instrument, B&G Machine and many other companies. Want to use my years as a Chief Engineer and…


Houston, TX, USA

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Marine Engineer: all kind of ships, no engine power limitation

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Start as engineer in 1995.Experiance all kind of ships (container sh., bulker,ro-ro, passenger,ice-breaker) Working now on foreign ships , with multinational crew. Company:Reederei NORD Klaus E. Oldendorff. Cyprus. State Maritime Academy (1994). Saint-Petersburg.

100 Ton Master/Mate

Wilmington, NC, USA

To continue in the maritime industry as either a mate or captain. 100 Ton Master Course, Maritime Professional Training, Ft. B.A. M.A. English, University of North Carolina-Wilmington (in progress). Recently relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina.