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Seeks employment either shore/ship or offshore, where experience and knowledge about seagoing onboard oil tankers and shore side in oil maritime terminal operations are needed.


JOB EXPERIENCE(Shore side):PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela) / 1980–2003:Marine Terminal Superintendent(Jetty section head) in El Palito Refinery-Venezuela, (April 1994–Feb.2003) responsible for: ensuring the regular shipment of crude oil, chemical,LPG and products according to the approved Lifting Procedures and Agreements and to obtain in due time the necessary permits and clearances from the Authority. Vessel Acceptance,commissioning and marine installation design, Ship Vetting Inspection,Oil Pollution Prevention, budgetary control,Marine Terminal Safety,Marine Accidents Investigation and Accident Reports,Inspects regularly Marine Terminal Facilities,Lifesaving,Fighting,and Pollution Control Equipment,Support Commercial Operators, Control of activities of maintenance of plants,rigs and the permits (cool/hot)associate,Monitor day-to-day tanker operations, Elaboration,handling and documentation control for load and discharge of oil ships,investigates ship/shore Quality and Quantity Difference(Claims),Train jetty operators,analysis of risks,Elaborate Marine Emergency Procedures and liaison with Harbor Master and Venezuelan Navy Coast Guard,Control of crafts(Tugs and boats).

Other Shore Side Positions:Executive superintendent for refinery in control of plants. (June 2001). General Management Audit Maritime Consultant (June-Sept. 2000), El Palito Refinery Marine Terminal ISO-9000 and year 2000 (Y2K) activities Coordinator (Oct.-Dec 2000). El Palito refinery Administration Operations Superintendent - PDVSA(Oct-Dec 1999). Ship Vetting Supervisor(Jan-Aug 1998). El Palito refinery New Jetty Project Coordinator.(Sept.1996–May 1997) National Plan of Contingency (PNC) Coordinator, Spill’s control of hydrocarbons in the sea (Feb–May 1996). Loss Control Annalist(Nov-Dec 1993). Crude Oil Export Annalist (Jul-Sept 1995).Marine Terminal Superintendent in Puerto La Cruz Refinery (Nov–Dec 1990). Tugboats Operation Scheduler (Jan.-Dec.1988). Maintenance Maritime Terminal Coordinator (1987-1989).Port/Loading Master at Marine Terminal PDVSA (March 1981-Oct.1987).Loading Master at Single Point Mooring (August 1980–Feb1981).


Captain of the M/V "Santa Paula" 2.833 GRT of the company Venezuela Container Line, container’s ship, from 05-15-2004 to 05-02-2006. Responsible for:All cargo/discharge operations. Training of crew for the health and safety of persons aboard ship.Everything referring to the handling and implementation of International Safety Management (ISM) and ISPS Codes on board.

Adviser of Venice Ship Service for the elaboration and implementation of the international code for the protection of ships and Port facilities (ISPS) in company shore facilities, (Jan.- May 2004)

Captain of the M/V Doña Luisa, supply vessel, containers, loads bulk,trailers and heavy teams on deck.From 06-15-2003 to 02-04-2004.

Chief Mate in crude oil tanker and transport of basic for lubricants. Maritima Aragua Company.65000 DWT. 1979-1980.

Chief Officer in the ships of Industrial Transport, S.A. (TISA).Cement Transport. 1979

Third,Second and Chief Mate in the tankers for crude oil and products of the Venezuelan Corporation of the Petroleum. 30.000 DWT.1974-1978


1.Unlimited Master Mariner Title Class 1(Deck), Valid: until July 25th, 2010. Certificate of competence for officer and ratings.Special Duty: Tankers. Venezuelan Government.

2. Merchant Marine Higher Education Diploma, (Master Mariner Title), Merchant Marine Superior School. Caracas, Issued: July 20th 1990.

3. Merchant Marine Higher Education Diploma, (Chief Mate), Merchant Marine Superior School. Caracas,Issued: Nov. 23rd, 1978.

4.Merchant Marine Higher Education Diploma, (Second Mate), Venezuelan Nautical School. Catia La Mar,Venezuela, Issued: August 05th,1974.


STWC 95 CERTIFICATES. Endorsed by Venezuelan Government, in compliance with STCW95

1.Personal safety and social responsibility. IMO 1.21. March 19th, 2003.

2.Personal survival techniques. IMO 1.19. March 18th, 2003

3.Basic fire fighting. IMO 1.20. March 25th,2003.

4.Advanced training on fire fighting course. IMO 2.03. April 03rd, 2003.

5.Bridge team. IMO 1.22. March 28th, 2003.

6.First aids at sea course. IMO 1.13. March 22nd, 2003.

7.Advanced training on medical care course. IMO 1.15 April 06th, 2003.

8.Observation and plotting radar course. IMO 1.07. March 12th, 2003.

9.Radar handling and automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA) course. March 14th, 2003.

10.Proficiency in fast rescue boats. IMO 1.23. March 15th, 2003.

11. Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats. IMO 1.23. March 15th, 2003.

12.General Operator Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) OMI 1.25. April 14th, 2003.

13. Familiarization with tanker ships course. IMO 1.01, 1.03, 1.05. April 10th, 2003.

14. Oil Tanker Training Program Course. IMO 1.02. April 25th, 2003.

15. Advanced Chemical Tanker training programme course. IMO 1.04. February 14th,2005.

16.Advanced GLP Tanker training programme course. IMO 1.06. February 12th,2005.

17.Crowd Management IMO 1.28 and Crisis Management Course IMO 1.29. February 10th,2005


.Training of crew for the health and safety of persons aboard ship.

•Everything referring to the handling and implementation of International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

•Oil Operations of Terminals for the handling of crude oil, white and black products (Gasolines, naphthas,Diesel, kerosén, Jet,lubricant,VGO,Fuel Oil,bunkers,Tetratethyl Lead),aromatic products(Benzene,Tolueno and Xileno), liquefied gases.

•Operations in tankers for the transport of crude oil and products.

•Elaboration, handling and documentation control for load and discharge of oil ships.

•Realization of mensurations and volumetric calculations of crude oil and products of hydrocarbons.

•Elaboration and handling of statistical controls, nominate and audits for PDVSA.

•Realization of the contractual administration of the service of tugs and boats for PDVSA.

•Handling of activities for the control and combat of spills of hydrocarbons in the sea.

•Realization of activities like coordinator of engineering of projects for the starts of new marine facilities of PDVSA (oil jetties and infrastructure in shore tanks, pumps and pipes of service and process).

•Consultant ship for projects with value added in processes of plants as bunker, jet and of the shipping business in the oil industry.

•Realization of analysis of risks for oil terminals in PDVSA.

•Programming and control of ships to minimize impacts during their operations.

•Handling of the budgetary administration and of the effective legal classification of the departments to their position.

•Control of activities of maintenance of plants and the permits(cool/hot) associate. Inspection and control of load arms, static and revolving teams, process pipes (Setting in service, installation works and repair) and electric systems.

• nspection to marine equipments (buoys moorings, dolphin, jetty fendering and comunications)

•Handling and taking of decisions for the acceptance and of ships tankers in the national oil industry.

•Analysis, realization of calculations, control of delays of ships with the handling of the contracts of ships freighted by the oil industry.

•Realization of tests of Bollard Pull to tugs according to international regulations.

•Inspection of safety to ships, tugs and barges for their services in the oil industry.

•Adviser for the oil and advisory industry before the International Marine Organization of the Agreement of Port Facilitation (FAL-65).

•Elaboration of procedures and operational guides for oil terminals as loading and unloading of ships, handling of claims,administrative control and retrievals,maintenance of equipments, maneuvers, control of emergencies in jetties, and control of spills in the sea, etc.)

.Approval of hot /cold work permit for their execution for the Management of Maintenance.

•Control and supervision of crafts (Tugs and boats), optimizing resources of equipment and personnel for the attention to ships in port and during the maneuvers.


PROFESSIONAL TRAINNING (Courses and forums):

•Delays of ships (Analysis, Calculations and handling of the claims). May 2002.

•Safety marine. Nov. 2001

•Coaching. April 2001.

•Facilitation and Port Optimization. Agreement FAL - 65. July 2000.

•On-line Supervisor SAP - RRHH. July 1999.

•Formation internal auditors ISO - 9000. Nov. 1998

•Leadership and Safety. March 1998.

•Control of spills oil tankers. Sept. 1997

•Startups of Plants of Process. Oct. 1996.

•Database Handling for recruiting. May 1996

•EM POWER MENT. Jan. 1996.

.Highly effective people. Seven habits. April 1996.

•Technology for the control of shipments in tankers (measuring and sampling). Nov. 1995.

•Work Certification (Analysis of Operational Risks, cold work permit and hot work permit). Sept.1995.

•Integral Protection in the administration. April 1993.

•Refinery Economics. Nov. 1992.

•Prevention and control traffic illicit of drugs. June 1992.

.Time charter. April 1992.

Valencia, Carabobo,
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