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OIM, Master

Warsaw, Poland

Seeking to develop my carrier as a staff member of reputable Company and contribute my experience into the Oil Industry. various types of Oil, Chemical, Gas, Shuttle Tankers, FSO/FPSO and SBM oil fields operations. Egypt ( Red Sea ) through Prosafe Singapore.

Master Mariner

Kampinos woj mazowieckie, Poland

Looking for stable, forward looking tanker company. Full set required for Master Mariner on Oil and Chemical carriers with valid visas. Bridge Team Management, Scale models experience. Various courses and seminars re safety, quality, production, management etc..



After leaving Polish company, I had served on various types of ships,see attached PDF files with Polish seamen book and services there. I had been promoted to Captain when working for american based company, Seaboard Shipping, in Miami, in 2000.In service as captain since on.

Master Mariner

83-330 Zukowo, Poland

5 years of experience in routine and emergency situations related with operation of 3D seismic vessel in different part of the world.

Control Room Operator

Szczecin, Poland

I am writing to request to be considered for the position or similar position. I feel I have the necessary attributes to fill this challenging role. To date, I have been employed by SBM/Chevron Texaco offshore Angola/Nigeria/Congo/Brazil/Cameroon…

Deck Officer

WIELUN, Poland

I would like to continue sea going career as deck officer in offshore/maritime industry.I am young and hungry of seaman's knowledge with argue to develop my skills. Besides I want to perform my service according to professional standards commensurately to my rank.

Catering manager, Camp Boss, Chief Cook

Gdynia, Poland

I wish to submit my application as a Catering Manager, Camp Boss or Chief Cook. I am enclosing my C.V. which gives details of my qualification and experience. As you will see I have had previous 11 years experience on offshore ships (flotel…


Siedlce, Poland

I would like to continue my sea career as the ship's captain. 2. shore job - Ministry of Infrastructure, Poland, Dept. for Maritime Transport, ISPS Section; position Chief Specialist; dates Jul. 2004 till May 2005. 3. m/v Elisabeth Russ, Caroline Russ…

second mate

Sopot, Pomorskie, Poland

all what is needed . handling . Outgoing with strong and effective organisational and communication skills. player and able to use own initiative to achieve company objectives. Excellent computer skills. Versatile and learns new tasks/skills quickly. contract no longer than 2 months.

Deck Officer

Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland

I am interested in position of 3/O or 2/O on Gas Carriers (LNG lr LPG) or Tanker ships. GMDSS General Operator Cert. Basic Safety Training Cert. Advanced Fire Fighting Cert. Medical First Aid Cert. Cert. -Cars (I am the Chairman of „The Polish Renault Twingo Club” ? -Sports: Cycling, sailing.

navigation officers

Kudowa zDRÓJ IN pOLAND, Poland

Objective boat jobs Experience polish navi Education navi academi polish Certification navigation enginier Skils compiutar

Chief Mate/DPO, 2nd Mate/DPO

Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland

I would like to introduce myself as a person who looks for better opportunities to improve my qualifications and quality of my life. That is why I apply for the position in your company as a DP Operator. Especially, I’m interested in work on vessels with DP Class 2 or 3.

First Mate/DP Operator

Kruszyn, Kuj-Pom, Poland

Looking for permanent job on offshore unit eg. Have been working offshore for 5 years ,have various experience as Mate and DPO on PSV,AHTS,ROV,MPV Subsea construction.I was employed on board of vessels in companies like DOF,GEOshipp,Seamar.Currently…

Seaman, Bosun

Ustka, Pomorskie, Poland

Objective Long and short term contracts as a seaman or bosun on cargo vessels. Experience 20-year eperience on various types of vessels. Education College Certification All valid certificates Skils

2nd mate / junior DPO

Gostynin, Poland

Position as Junior DPO / 2nd OFF. I am seeking an opportunity to work for a company which will enable me to develop my professional career in offshore industry. 2004 – now - as 2off. on oil/chemical tankers for Gear Bulk company. 2002-2004…

Chef Cook

Szczecin, Poland

Objective I look for job as I can be Chef Cook , Cook or Night Cook , Baker I be able to stove bread and cake do decorations in fruit and sculpt in ice Experience In 1993 I begin career my in Radisson SAS Hotel department in Szczecin and I worked in him by 10 years I worked in him as First

chief mate / dp operator

Kielczow, Wroclaw, Poland

Work as dp operator preferably in drilling industry.Ready for hard work. Employment as 3rd officer. Duties : container handling operations supervising lashing methods,monitoring stability,fire fighting equipment maintenance. Employment as 3rd officer.

Navigator, Marine traffic Engineer

Poznan, Wielkopolska, Poland

I am looking for an interesting and challenging job that would give me opportunity of self-development as well as working in multinational society in different parts of the world. I would prefer junior position to have a chance to obtain some experience.

Marine Chief Engineer

Sitno 135, Poland, Poland

I was working for Polish Ocean Lines,since 1986 under foreign flags for Naess Shipping (1986-1987),Goliath Shipping (1988-1990),DSD Shiping (1993-1994),Peter Doehle Hamburg (1997-2005),DML IOM (2003-2004) on all vessels as CE (unlimited power).I…

Marine Chief Engineer

Szczecin, Poland

Seeking an international position as Chief Mechanic, where my experience, training and good work habits will be an asset to your company. 1’st Engineer on Semi Submersible Drilling Rig “Byford Dolphin” on North Sea. September 2005 Mandeville…