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Side Project Manager

Puck, Poland

I have a big experience in shipbuilding,I can complete succesfully any position in this industry. Responsible for the completion of construction on the 4 new build vessels namely 2 Multi Cat 16 meters supply boat and one is already finished…

DPO / 2ndOff

Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland

SDPO / 1st officer - 1 year on OCV Boa Sub C DP 3 in Gulf of Mexico. I was taking part in the follwing types of work :AH , CL , D , Dredge , HL , PD , ROV Support , SB , SU ,SUR , TR ,FMEA tests 2 times . Mostly I have worked on vessels DP class 3 or DP class 2. ADV. PERS. SAFETY & SOC. RESP.

Cook, Boatman

Gdansk, Poland

To work at the offshore industry. I have more than 10 years offshore ships work experience and many other kinds of seagoing ships. All my certificates are up to date. If there be any job for me then I can take it from now. Learning duration - 13 years. /Primary-Secondary-Technical.

Naval Architect

Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland

Future objective is to develope career as a Naval Architect in Ship Design by exploring and improving relevant skills and knowledge. Superb communication and organization skills, work involvement, ability to act in different fields with great troubleshooting sense.

Chief Engineer

Bielsko-Biala, Poland

I would like start job on the off-shore or cont. 10 years on the container vessel. 4.5 years for chief engineer. I am graduated high school (Maritime Academy) at 1998.

Deck Cadet

Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

I would like to find good job in maritime transport and improve my skills connected with my education as a bachelor of navigation. General Operator Certificate No. Oil Tanker Familiarization No. Chemical Tanker Familiarization No. LPG Familiarization No.


Ustka, Poland, Poland

2008.06.28 – 21.08.2008-DPO –MPSV-ROV (Alstom DP2-700 hours)-Bourbon Trieste-Nigeria Akpo project. 2006.11-2008.04 – x/ 2nd Mate & 3 rd Mate on ROV PSV Toisa Coral (DP Class 2-Konsberg 2500 hours) with rotation 4 and 6 weeks on/off (North Sea…

Marine Chief Engineer

Gdansk, Poland

Im looking for permanent Chief Engineer position on offshore vessel . It could be on Platform Supply Vessel , Diving Support Vessel , Seismic , Survey ect . Since last seven years Im working in offshore industry on Chief Engineer for TRICO marine in Nigeria and for ABC Maritime in Nigeria too .

Captain / Skipper

Gliwice, Slaskie, Poland

I do international boat deliveries and skipper charter boats of diffrent sizes (monohulls, cats, tall ships from 10-50m) in different areas (Baltic, North Sea, Mediterranean, Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Seychelles, Maldives).

Master Mariner/Chief Officer/1 st Mate for product or chemical tankers


I would like to find chief officer job on product tanker 40000 dwt and more engaged with world wide service. Also on shore/office job is possible within Marine/oil industry range. Since 9 years at sea.Started from 3 rd mate then I went up to…

3rd mate


I am interested in working as an OOW/DP Junior or Deck Cadet on DP Vessel. After having graduated from Maritime University in Gdynia and receiving Master of Science degree, I had to finish second faculty of Management, majoring in e-business, on Maritime Univesity in Gdynia.

First mate diploma with experience on shore, academic baskground in risk and safety of navigation

Szczecin, Poland

Research assistant in navigational department with implemetation of several studies and systems.

Junior Coating Supervisor/Inspector

Gdansk, Poland

Since September 2006-Paint Supervisor,Foreman,Quality Control Personel,Scaffold Inspector, Maintain equipment of Hammelman,Graco-Teco Maritime S.A. Norway-Ofshore Ocean Rig.

M.Sc. Engineer

Jurata, Poland



Swinoujscie, Poland

Work on Offshore vessels specially with dP. NIEBORÓW 8697 - 16000 FERRY DECK/CAD. 16800 FERRY DECK/CAD. - 1120 TRAINER DECK/CAD. PILICA 11848 - 4710 GENERAL DECK/CAD. OS/CAD. Personal Safety and Social Resp. Cert.

Marine Engineer

Szczecin - Mierzyn, Poland

I would like to work on board of any offshore vessels as a 1st engineer or chief engineer. KUDEN 03/08/2000 01/04/2001 BRISE-HAMBURG GENERAL CARGO, ENGINE POWER-1173KW,TYPE OF ENGINE-DEUTZ V16 UNIT CH.ENG. SWALLOW 09/07/2001 22/11/2001 BRISE-HAMBURG GENERAL CARGO…



I I would like to work for your company on DP vessels as a DPO 2nd Off. English Medical Cert. Norwegian Medical Cert. DEEP SEA TECHNICIAN SCHOOL. Polish Licence OOW , Norway Deck Off. International Cert.of Vaccination 30/10/2006…

Chief Officer

Szczecinek, Poland

First,I would like to get a position on offshore vessels as DP Trainee and then to work as skilled DP Operator. KGJS-"Rhodos Cement"-03.09.2007-06.01.2008-Chief Officer-In charge of cargo operations. KGJS-"Rhodos Cement"-25.01.2007-14.05.2008-Chief Officer-In charge of cargo operations.

Master Mariner

Tarnow, Poland, Poland

Container cargo planning, port terminal operation, security matters, marine surveyer or marine superintendent. Sea experience from 1989 till present and from A/B position up to Master Mariner -5 years experience in ocean-going vessel command up to 32 000 GRT and different type.

Ch. Mate

Gdansk, Poland

Production or Ballast Control Operator offshore facility. November 1998 – May 1999 Post: 3rd Officer on Shuttle Tanker. Responsibilities: OOW, life safe equipment, loading and discharging operation under Ch. June 1999 – March 2002 Post: 2nd Officer on Shuttle Tanker.