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Catering manager, Camp Boss, Chief Cook


Dear Sirs,

I wish to submit my application as a Catering Manager, Camp Boss or Chief Cook.

I am enclosing my C.V. which gives details of my qualification and experience.

As you will see I have had previous 11 years experience on offshore ships (flotel, cable layers, pipe layers, divings, suppliers, ROV, ERRV) in DEEP OCEAN, DOF, STOLT COMEX SEAWAY and BUE VIKING.

I have an excellent recommendations and testimonials.

I look forward to hearing from you, should you be interested in my application.

Yours faithfully,


Work Experience:

Aug. 2006 - still ATLANTIC CHALLENGER DEEP OCEAN (flotel) Norway Catering Manager

Nov. 2004 – July 2006 BUE SKYE BUE VIKING (ERRV) UK Chef Cook

Apr. 2003 – Nov. 2004 SKANDI BERGEN DOF (anchor handling) Norway Camp Boss

Nov. 2002 – March 2003 SKANDI BUCHAN DOF (supplier) Norway Chef Cook

Apr. 2002 – June 2002 SKANDI NEPTUN DOF (cable layer) Norway Camp Boss

Dec. 2000 – Jan. 2002 SKANDI HAV DOF ( ROV –cable layer) Norway Camp Boss

Dec.1999 – Dec. 2000 SKANDI NAVICA DOF (pipe layer) Isle of Man Camp Boss

March 1999 – Nov. 1999 DISCOVERY STOLT COMEX (offshore) Lux Chef Cook


Qualifications :

Gastronomic Technical School

Food Technologist Certificate

Cook Certificate


29.04.2005 – 28.04.2008 Initial Training Shipboard Operations Course

08.01.2004 – 10.12.2008 Fire Fighting – Basic / Advanced

08.01.2004 – 10.12.2008 Survival Course

08.01.2004 – 10.12.2008 First Aid Elementary

06.01.1999 DFDS Safety Course 1-3

08.01.2004 – 10.12.2008 Pers. Safety & Social Respons.

07.05.1999 Food Hygiene

08.05.1996 Chemical Basic / Advanced

17.05.1996 Concerning Protection and Environment Work


Skills / Attributes:

? many years multidisciplinary sea related experience;

? effective communication skills;

? good organizer and calm under pressure;

? a good command of English (both spoken and written);

? basic Spanish.


Personal Details:

Date & Place Of Birth: 20 Oct. 1956 Gdynia (Poland)

Nationality: Polish

Passport Number: AH 8081578 Valid 01 Apr. 2013

Seaman’s Book No: 0205632

Norwegian Seaman’s Book: 1633/91 – WAW

Marine Chief Cook: 65063 Valid 14 Apr. 2008

Cook Certificate: 019636-37-02

Mexican FM3 Visa:

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