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I am interested in position of 3/O or 2/O on Gas Carriers (LNG lr LPG) or Tanker ships.


Ship Name Rank Type Sign on Sign Off

Gaz Symphony 3/O LPG 23.03.2006 05.07.2006

Johann Shulte 3/O LPGC 26.07.2005 30.11.2005

Horyzont II DCT (Academy) School Ship 01.10.2004 14.10.2004

Gaz Symphony DCT LPG 04.07.2004 21.09.2004

Cielo Di Baffin DCT Oil/Chemical Tanker 19.10.2003 12.03.2004

Horyzont II DCT (Academy) School Ship 04.04.2003 17.04.2003

Dar Mlodziezy DCT (Academy) School Ship 06.05.2002 05.07.2002

Dar Mlodziezy DCT (Academy) School Ship 25.06.2001 06.08.2001



Maritime University in Gdynia

Faculty of Navigation 2000-2005

MA Thesis: ECDIS


GMDSS General Operator Cert.

Basic Safety Training Cert. (PS+FF+FA+PS&SR)

Advanced Fire Fighting Cert.

Medical First Aid Cert.

Cert. Of Proficiency in Survival craft and Rescue Boats Other than Fast Rescue Boats

ARPA & Radar Management level

Bridge Resources Management

Bridge Team Management

Certificate of training of Ship Security Officer

Certificate of training as Ship Security Officer

Training for Ship Security Officers

Liquified Gas Tanker Familiarization

Oil Tanker Familiarization

Chemical Tanker Familiarization

Advanced Training in Liquified Gas Tankers Operations

Certificate of training in the operational use of ECDIS

Fire Extinguishers Maintenance

Certificate of training in Draeger Equipment

Personal predisposition for work on board a ship as a A-II (O/O/W)

Shipboard Safety Officer Certificate

Certificate of training in LPGC Cargo Handling Simulator (LICOS)

Certificate of Gas Safety Training

Certificate of training in Specialised LNG Gas Tanker Safety

Certificate of training in Portable Gas Detector

Certificate of training in Medical Care

Certificate of training in International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention Familiarization


-Computer operating (Web design, html, hardware, networks, software configuration, advanced graphics, sound edition)

-Motorbikes, motorbike journeys

-Cars (I am the Chairman of „The Polish Renault Twingo Club” ? )

-Sports: Cycling, sailing.



Polish: Native

English: advanced (CAE, Marlins 96%)

German: basic

Gdynia, Pomorskie,
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