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I am writing to request to be considered for the position or similar position.

I feel I have the necessary attributes to fill this challenging role. To date, I have been employed by SBM/Chevron Texaco offshore Angola/Nigeria/Congo/Brazil/Cameroon and as a Cargo Control Room Operator and Fluor/ExxonMobil offshore Equatorial Guinea and Ballast Control Room Operator on Atlantic Resources/Transocean offshore Nigeria (12 years offshore + 19 years in shipping). I have extensive experience in FPSO/FSO/SEMI-SUB Rig & Offshore operations.


2006 Dec Company: Offshore Nigeria

Vessel/ Rig : Jim Cunningham Semi- sub

Position: Ballast Control Room Operator

Control Room Operator

2006 – Nov 06 Company: Offshore Equatorial Guinea

Vessel/Unit: FPSO

Position: Marine Cargo Control Room Operator

Ballast Control Room Operator

1998 – 2006 Company: Offshore Angola

Vessel/Unit: FPSO

Position: Marine Cargo Control Room Operator

Ballast Control Room Operator

1997 – 1998 Company: Offshore Nigeria

Vessel/Unit: FPSO, FSO

Position: Marine Cargo Control Room Operator

1996 – 1997 Company: Offshore Brazil

Vessel/Unit: FPSO, FSO

Position: Cargo Operator

1995 – 1996 Company: Offshore Cameroon

Vessel: VLCC, FSO

Position: Pumpman

1993 – 1995 Company: Gooth Faith Shipping Co.

Vessel: VLCC, OBO, Chemical Tanker

Position: Pumpman

1991 – 1993 Company: Seaforth

Vessel: Chemical Tanker

Position: Pumpman

1990 – 1991 Company: Nat. Iranian Tanker

Vessel: VLCC

Position: Pumpman

1988 – 1990 Company: Barber Int.

Vessel: VLCC

Position: Pumpman

1987 – 1988 Company: Polhellas Shipping

Vessel: General Cargo Position: A/B, Bosun

1984 – 1986 Company: Zegluga Szczecinska

Vessel: Pasenger Ships

Position: Captain, I officer

1976 – 1984 Company: Polska Zegluga Morska

Vessel: General Cargo, Tanker

` Position: O/S, A/B, Bosun, Pumpman


1971 – 1976 Technikum Zeglugi Srodladowej,


1963 - 1971 Szkola Podstawowa nr 4 Pieszyce



Skipper Class 2 Certificate

Able-Bodied Seaman Certificate

Certificate of Basic Safety Training in Elementary First Aid

Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats

Certificate of Basic Safety Training in Personal Survival Techniques

Certificate of BASIC Safety Training in Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

Certificate of Training in Advanced Fire Fighting

Certificate of Advanced Training in Oil Tankers Operations

Certificate of Training in Oil Tankers Familiarization

OPITO approved Further Offshore Safety &

Emergency Training Including OPITO Airpocket

Radar Observe Certificate

Radiotelephone Certificate



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