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I would like to continue my sea career as the ship's captain.


1. m/v 'Stena Shipper', RoRo ship, UK flag, GT 12337 - owner Stena RoRo; operators Norther Marine Management, Clydebank, Scotland; positon Master, dates 18Mar2005 till 16Jan2007, system of work 4on/4off weeks; area of sailing Baltic and North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Carribean Sea, Spain to Canary Islands

2. shore job - Ministry of Infrastructure, Poland, Dept. for Maritime Transport, ISPS Section; position Chief Specialist; dates Jul. 2004 till May 2005.

3. m/v Elisabeth Russ, Caroline Russ, Friedrich Russ, RoRo ships, flag Antigua & Barbuda; owner Ernst Russ GmbH, Hamburg, Germany; position Master; dates 18May2001 till 01Sept2003, system of work 3.5on/1.5off months; area of sailing Baltic and North Sea.

4. earlier employment as 2nd officer and then chief officer on RoRo ships.


Maritime Academy in Gdynia, Poland; 1980 - 1985; degree Master of Science in navigation


Master Mariner - issued by Maritime Office, Gdynia, Poland, valid 13May2011;

Mater - UK Cert. of Equivlent Competency, valid 13May2011;

GMDSS GOC - valid 15Mar2010

GMDSS GOC, UK endorsement - valid 15Mar2010;

Personal Survival Techniques - valid 01Apr2008;

Advanced Fire Fighting;

Medical Care - valid 28Aug2010;

Personal Safety & Socila Responsibility - valid 01Apr2008;

Proficiency in Survival Crafts & Rescue Boats;

Radar Observer;



Bridge Resource Management - valid 15Mar2011


I'm a well trained and skilled ship's captain, with a lot of experience on RoRo vessels which includes very many drivings (manoeuvring and mooring) of ships in ports and locks.

I have some knowledge in computers - able to operate MS Widows, MS Office.

Some experience in budget control and proposing as my last ship was self budgeted.


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