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Machinist Mate

Tulsa, OK, USA

Machinery and auxiliary equipment. turbo generators, and associated systems (condensate, circulating water, lube oil, fuel oil, etc.), operates auxiliary systems; including compressed air, potable water, air conditioning and refrigeration systems…

Marine Engineer

Seabeck, WA, USA

Objective to obtain position as a first or second assistant engineer Experience Seadrill 2007 to Present T10- RIg Mecahinc Global Santa Fe 7yrs from 2000 to 2007 Explorer- Asst Mechanic 1 year Mecahnic 5 years Asst Engineer 1 year US Navy 6yrs from 1994 to 200

Marine Oiler, Machinist Mate


Poling & cutler Marine Transportation, April,2008 to August, 2010, Oiler. Responsible for overall operation of diesel generators and motors, assisting chief engineer and marine engineer. Maintain propulsion boilers, combustion engineering boilers…

Machinist’s Mate Third Class (E-4) USN

Skaneateles, NY, USA

Any job that is available. U.S.S. John F. Kennedy CV-67, U.S.S. Cuddeback Farms, Skaneateles N.Y. 1200 acres of hay, corn and soy beans. Industrial Coatings Inc, Syracuse N.Y. Resurfaced concrete floors in a commercial setting. Shipboard Gage Calibration Training 2 Weeks - Completed Sept.

100-ton Master

Ballston Spa, NY, USA

Secure a position as Master on a work or excursion boat, or as a Wiper or Ordinary Seaman aboard a larger vessel or tow vessel. -present Master, 85’ P/V Horicon, Shoreline Cruises. -present New York State Licensed Engineer, 115’, 150-ton P/V Adirondac, Shoreline Cruises.

Machinist Mate/1st-Class Outside Machinist

North Kingstown, RI, USA

To seek career placement and farther growth in technical knowledge and experience as applicable to my field of work as to the global growth of economy that I may possibly contribute in expanding my experience in this tradeskills job. or needed such as machine room or engine work…

Machinist Mate/ 1st Class Outside Machinist

North Kingstown, RI, USA

Seeking for career placement and farther growth in technical knowledge and experience as applicable to my field of functions and job requirements. or needed such as machine room or engine work,painting,cleaning,etc. WALASHEK Fabrications Intl. -Duties on jetski repairs,rudders,shafts,valves,etc.

Navy Machinest Mate 3rd Class

Fort Worth, TX, USA

Seeking a Challenging Position to utilize my Mechanical skills for your company. • Provide meals and tend to general needs. • Handle shopping, cooking, cleaning, yard work, maintenance, and other household duties. • Utilize MS word, Excel, and Power Point to create schedules…

Experienced Machinist Mate

Killeen, TX, USA

San Antonio,TX. Handles the maintenance and repair of light and heavy tactical vehicles and select armored vehicles. The Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic is primarily responsible for supervising and performing maintenance and recovery operations on wheeled vehicles and associated items…


Canton, MS, USA

To assist in maintaining engineering equipment such as, but not limited to hyrdulic pumps, auxiliary equipment, etc. [ Leader of 72 on board. Ranked 1 of 32 First Class Petty Officers. Machinist Mate responsible for operating, repairing, and performing maintenance on ship propulsion…


Qulin, MO, USA

would like to secure a position with a company in which I can secure a future. P.O. Kevin C. Summary of Qualifications Offering an extensive background of knowledge, abilities, expertise and accomplishments in the following:Engineering Systems……

Chief Engineer

Berwick, LA, USA


Wiper or Ordinary Seaman

Panama City Beach, FL, USA

To gain employment in an entry level position as a Wiper or Ordinary Seaman. 15 years in the US Navy as a Machinist Mate Submarine Auxiliaryman, responsible for the operation and maintenance of shipboard hydraulic, pnuematic, plumbing and sanitation systems…

Machinist Mate/Gas Turbine Mechanic(GSM)

Newport News, VA, USA

Fast learner hands-on training have a broad knowledge of Propulsion Steam Plant and Propulsion Gas Turbine Plant Equipment. Broad knowledge of Technical Manuals/Overhaul/Repair Manuals for Organizational/Intermediate/Depot Level Overhaul/Repair.

Power Generation and Auxilary equipment and Management Specialist

San Diego, CA, USA

A position within a solid, safety and environmentally conscious company. - Worked in Oil Lab, responsible for lubrication program for all main space auxiliary equipment, fuel sampling and transfer, water treatment for potable water, oily waste separation and under way refueling transfers.

Machinist Mate

Hampton, VA, USA

Eight years of military experience involving maintenance, supervision, repair precision calibration, operational testing and readings of mechanical and pneumatic systems. • Responsible for completing daily maintenance on shipboard auxiliary support systems.

MM2 United States NAVY

Montclair NJ, NJ, USA

I have A DDE 4000hp (steam) merchant marine liscense and would work on fishing boats tugs other small ships. U.S Navy 2005 december to 2010 july. Four years with 1200 and 600 lbs boilers. 400hertz turbo generators, 50,000 GPD distillers. 100's…

Qmed Oiler

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

7 1/2 years in the navy as an Machinist mate looking after a/c chillers, fan coil units, hot and cold potable water, steam applications, hydraulic equipment, galley equipment. Proficient in mechanical maintenance and watch standing, trouble shooting.

Marine Engineer

Seabeck, WA, USA

Aug 1994-July 2000 U.S. responsible for maintaining and running all engine room equipment. train jr personal in duties.

Machinary Mechanic

Santee, CA, USA

Overhaul, repair, troubleshoot, and diagnose. + 4 years Machinist Mate US Navy. Overhaul, rebuild, repair, pumps, valves and all engineering equipment as a lead mechanic supervising 12. +1 year General Dynamics Nassco lead mechanic. Work on sonar domes, firepumps, servo valves, R/R ship props.