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Machinist Mate/1st-Class Outside Machinist


To seek career placement and farther growth in technical knowledge and experience as applicable to my field of work as to the global growth of economy that I may possibly contribute in expanding my experience in this tradeskills job.


02-2009 - Dec.12,2009

Outside Machinist-contractual term

Tradesmen International-Derektor Shipyard,Bridgeport Connecticut

-Quality Assurance; quality repairs and welding inspections on yatch and tugboats and other sidework required

or needed such as machine room or engine work,painting,cleaning,etc.


Outside Machinist-contractual term

Tradesmen International-SENESCO Company,Rhode Island

-Duties on tugboat and yatch repairs,valves,rudders,welding inspections,engines inspections or machine room,

painting,and other related to maintenance procedures and repairs needed

06-05-2008 -08-28-2008

Outside Machinist-Contractual term

WALASHEK Fabrications Intl.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

-Duties on jetski repairs,rudders,shafts,valves,etc.

05-05-08 - 05-28-08

Outside Machinist-contractual term

BP Cooper Plant,North Charleston South Carolina

-Work on Steam,Turbine and Gas Engine,Take parts apart and rebuild or assemble together

04-28-08 - 05-02-08

Outside Machinist-contractual term

Dupont Chemical Plant

North Charleston,South Carolina

-Work on Boiler,Inspection,Clean Steam,Valves and Assemble

02-01-08 - 04-28-08

Outside Machinist-contractual term

Detyens Shipyard,

North Charleston,South Carolina

-Extensive work on diesel engines,valves and other work performance needed on

Military Sealift Command Boats,tugboats and Army boats.

09-24-07 - 01-28-08

Outside Machinist-contractual term

Horizons Services-LYONS Shipyard,Norfolk Virginia

-Duties on dredges,tugboats and other extensive side work

08-20-07 - 09-20-07

Q.A Manager -contractual term

East Coast Repair & Fabrication Inc.,Norfolk Virginia

-Duties include welding inspection, paint inspection,NTD/ATD Inspection and DYE Inspection


Outside Machinist-contractual term

Horizons Services-MHI,Inc.,Norfolk Virginia

-Duties include but are not limited to Mechanic works with USS Sakajuoia(Japanese Vessel) or MSC ship.

07-30-07 - 08-13-07

Outside Machinist-Night Shift Supervisor -contractual term

Horizons Services/East Coast Repair and Fabrication Inc.

Honeywell Chemical Plant,Hopewell Virginia

-Duties include but are not limited to welder/torch and OSM on Chemical Tanks and Manhole Covers to tanks

and rolling tubs to heat exchangers.

07/02/07 - 07-28-07

Outside Machinist-contractual term

CTR Group-LYONS Shipyard,Norfolk Virginia

Duties on Dredges,Tugboats and other side work

05/01/07 - 06/27/07

Outside Machinist-contractual term



Duties include water jet assembly and LCS assembly.

08/30/06 - 04/27/07

Outside Machinist -contractual term

CTR Group-Northrop Grumman,New Port News,Virginia

Duties include but are not limited to perform mechanical repairs or replacements to valves,rudders,shafts,propellers,propulsion systems,auxilliary systems,

engine repairs,pumps and other associated machine parts onboard air craft carriers and submarines.

1999-2006 USNavy


Prior Military with extensive experience in AC&R, Steam and Heat, and any Machinist Mate work as needed for the USNavy.

I was assigned to Auxiliaries Division Work Center EA05-5,and EA02-2.Chroegenics 02N2 and EPA Type 4 Universal Certified Training USN.

I am responsible for the maintenance of 3-300 ton york centrifugal AC/ Plants, and 1-500 ton york AC,ALCO of Aft and forward, Machinery Room and other leading Damage Control Petty Officer

for all fire fighting equipment.In this role,I assisted in ongoing overhaul of Nr3 A/C compressor,ensuring a safe and expeditious disassembly,instrumental to

work center EA02 during the inspection of Nr 1 and 2 emergency diesel generators, where there is diversity to challenging tasks outside my position, such as;

refrigeration mechanic,fan coil,motor engines and other special duty assignments having the knowledge of Fuel Oil and Lube Oil testing.

I had experience with extensive work on Gas Turbine Engines and Steam Turbine Engines.

Also I am responsible for training the newly reported personnel in the safe alignment and operation of the oily waste transfer system and with the coordination,

execution of all off-ship activities and raising the morale of Auxiliries Division as a MWR Representative.

Also, I worked on all galley equipment,laundry equipment and other Steam-related machineries, reverse-Osmosis Plant which is making salt-water to fresh water

during deployment time or at sea duty, plus experience in tug boats and dredges, as well as LCU's and LCACS. I was stationed on an LCAC for 6 months for maintenance

while deploying Marines to the beach front during the war in IRAQ


Some College, Manhattan School of Music


Military Training School Certificate as Machinist Mate(Navy experience)


1.Classified as 1st-Class Machinist in Trade Skilled work(contractual world)

2.Quality Assurance: Welding inspection, Paint inspection,NTD/ATD Inspection and DYE Inspection and Boiler Inspection

3.Power Plant/Chemical Plant work experience on Steam,Turbine and Gas Engine,Boiler,Inspections,Repairs and Assemble

4.Extensive work on diesel engines,valves,rudders,shafts,propeller,engine repairs,water jet assembly,pumps and any

other associated machine parts on aircraft carriers and submarines,dredges and tugboats

5.Fabrication/Installation/Assembler/Repairs/Troubleshoot and Blueprint Reading

6.Experienced Machinist on Command Ships(Navy),Outside-Machinist on Army Boats and Military Sealift Command,

Dredges,Tugboats,Yatchs and Jetski on private companies

7a.Maintenance Level jobs (responsible for the maintenance of 3-300 ton york centrifugal AC/Plant and 1-500 ton york AC,

ALCO Diesel of Aft and forward,Machinery Room and other leading Damage Control Equipment thru Navy

7b.Prior Military-graduated in Basic Military Training Course(Navy) as Machinist Mate, experienced in AC&R Shop,

Steam and Heat,Galley equipment,laundry equipment and other Steam-related machineries,etc.


North Kingstown, RI,
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