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Machinist Mate/Gas Turbine Mechanic(GSM)


Find a job working on Propulsion Boilers/Steam Propulsion Turbines/Propulsion Gas Turbines/Gas Turbine Generators/Various Pumps/Valves


2012-2014 X43 Nuclear Refueler Huntington Ingalls-Newport News Shipbuilding

1995-2009 US Navy Machinist Mate/Gas Turbine Mechanic(GSM)


1995 Basic Training Great Lakes,ILL

1998-1999 Mechanical Core School Great Lakes,ILL

1998-1999 GSM "A" School

1998-1999 GSM "C" School

1996 Pump Overhaul/Repair School

1996 Air Ejector/Condensor/Evaporator Overhaul/Repair School

2000 Combustion Engineering/Conseco Waste Heat Boiler & Allison 501 K-17/K34 Gas Turbine Generator Repair/Overhaul Refresher School

2008 LM2500+ Main Propulsion Gas Turbine Overhaul/Repair School



4124/4126 CG-47/DD-963/AOE-6/DDG-51 Gas Turbine Maintenance/Overhaul/Repair Certification


4140 Gas Turbine Overhaul/Repair Mechanic (Organizational/Intermediate/Depot Level Repair)Certification


Fast learner hands-on training have a broad knowledge of Propulsion Steam Plant and Propulsion Gas Turbine Plant Equipment.

Broad knowledge of Technical Manuals/Overhaul/Repair Manuals for Organizational/Intermediate/Depot Level Overhaul/Repair.

Broad knowledge of Tools and Test Equipment for Steam/Gas Turbine Propulsion Plants.

Excellent Troubleshooter and can solve complex problems in the Steam Propulsion/Gas Turbine Propulsion Plant.


Newport News, VA,
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