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To assist in maintaining engineering equipment such as, but not limited to hyrdulic pumps, auxiliary equipment, etc.


[December 2004- AUGUST 2009 ] [ US NAVY]

[Petty Officer, First Class E-6 ]

[ Leader of 72 on board. Ranked 1 of 32 First Class Petty Officers. Machinist Mate responsible for operating, repairing, and performing maintenance on ship propulsion, machinery, and auxiliary equipment. I also maintained submarine weapons, launching and firing systems, storage facilities associated with underwater ordnance and small arms. Conducts post fire and post run routines. ]

[December 2004- December 1997 ] [ US NAVY]

[ Petty Officer Second Class E-5]

[ Shipboard Elevator Hydraulic/Mechanical System Mechanic. Test, inspects and performs organizational maintenance on shipboard weapons and cargo handling elevators on a system and component level . Troubleshoots and repairs hydraulic, mechanical and hydro mechanical systems and equipment, not including electronic and electrical components and interfaces.]

[ December 1997- December 1992 ] [ US NAVY]

[ Petty Officer, Third Class E-4]

[ Trained personnel in the operation of components/systems of steam propulsions plants. Provided weekly work assignments to other member of my board. Completed various leadership courses to continue in an higher rank of Petty Officer. ]

[ December 1992- September 1990 ] [ US NAVY]

[ Seaman, E-3]

[ Responsible for oil spills, conducting quality assurance inspections; inspects security alarm systems, heat exchangers, and sea water circulating systems; submits corrective action requests. ]

[ September 1990- June 1990 ] [ US NAVY ]

[ Seaman Apprentice, E-2]

[ Fireman Apprentice. Performed all basic fireman apprenticeship functions in engineering areas aboard ship, involving cleanliness, operation, maintenance, and preservation of main propulsion, auxiliary steam or diesel machinery, steam or diesel generators, various pumps, motors, and associated equipment; identifies basic types and components of naval boilers, steam turbines, reduction gears, propellers and shafting, shipboard electric systems, and internal combustion engines; performs routine maintenance procedures. ]


[ May 1989- August 1985] [ Canton High School] [ Canton, MS ]

[ Diploma]

[ General Studies. Member of NJROTC during high school and signed with US Navy shortly after graduating ]


[ July1999- August 2009 ] [ US NAVY ]

[ Machinist Mate]

[ I joined the US Navy as a Navy Seaman ranking at an E2. Throughout many training courses, hands-on assignments and becoming certified as a Fireman, Shipboard Elevator Hydraulic/Mechanical System Mechanic, Electrical/Mechanical Equipment Repairman and a Boiler Technician, I soon became classified as an E6 Machinist Mate ]



canton, MS,
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