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Sea Grant Great Lakes Transport Extension Educator

- DULUTH, MN, United States
Project Engineering / Project Management
Mid Career
Full Time

QUALIFICATIONS:Candidates must possess at least a Masters degree and should have at least 3 years experience.To be eligible…

United States Navy Resumes

Third/Second Mate

Norfolk, VA, USA

-USNS Walter S. -U.S.

Hotel Services Manager/Culinary Specialist

Jacksonville, FL, USA

To identify and join an organization that would benefit from the knowledge, skills, and experience that I presently possess in the areas of Hotel/Culinary Management. I believe with the marriage of my skills with the proper organization would benefit the company and allow me to further my career.

Maintenance Technician/ Supervisor

Bremerton, WA, USA

Seeking employment as a maintenance technician/ supervisor after serving 20 years in the United States Navy as a submarine auxiliary equipment mechanic with extensive experience maintaining both high and low pressure air compressors and associated system components…

Able Bodied Seaman

Roper, NC, USA

Seeking a position as an able bodied seaman. - Directed 135 person preservation and painting team – interior and exterior of the ship. - Livingstone College: Political Science (BA) Salisbury, N. - Pamlico Community College: Grantsboro, N. - World Wide Marine Training Inc. Oriental, N.

Captain/Relief Captain

Naperville, IL, USA

To obtain employment with the Maritime position of Captain of an appropriate sized vessel that is routed on the Great Lakes and their tributaries in either short or long haul basis. 1998-PRESENT U.S. 1978 U.S. 1998 U.S. Master Captain License…


Montegut, LA, USA

-U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master 100-ton---Near Coastal. -Supervised Deck personnel during all aspects of marine operations. -Possesses a FCC Marine Radiotelephone Operator’s License and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC).

Assistant Engineer.First Mate, Second Mate

Sheffield Lake, OH, USA

Most relevant experience acquired in the United States Navy 1983-1989 Hull Maintenance Technician- Maintenance on nuclear powered submarines attatched to submarine tender USS DIXON AS-37. Upkeep and maintenance of fire-fighting systems,engineroom and boiler equipment…

Marine Valve Technician

Bay Minette, AL, USA

from which the pursuit of educational goals will be possible. growth in experience over a long period of time is desirable. I have gained from my past experiences to do well in a new career field. - Directly in charge of maintaining a safe and productive work area for 9 personnel.

Able Seaman Unlimited

San Diego, CT, USA

I am applying for the position of Able Seaman Unlimited. I was particularly attracted to this position because of my interest in the duties of able seaman, worldwide travel, and the opportunity to use my seamanship skills. This seems a perfect…

Marine electrician

Jacksonville, FL, USA

I love working with my hands and preventative maintenance work. I'm used to doing rigging and motor rewinding. My past work experience all come from me being in the military. There I learned to rig, rewind motors, trouble shoot, and do preventative maintenance.

Marine Engineer

Cambria Heights, NY, USA

•Monitored and inspect power plant equipment and indicators, operated power generating equipment including boilers, turbines, pumps generators, and reactors. •Standing watch on hot and cold boiler, fire room and engine room, monitored water oil and fuel tanks…

Ship Maintenance Project Manager

Williamsburg, VA, USA

Seeking a rewarding and challenging career as project manager. Officer in Charge of a 135’ 200 Ton Class “A” Vessel. United States Navy, Assault Craft Unit 2, Norfolk Va. • Safely piloted Navy vessel (LCU), in and out of harbors and navy bases to and from docks and berths.


Va Beach, VA, USA

To obtain a postion as a fireman/oiler/watertender on an offshore ship. Train all newly reported enlisted and officer personnel in basic damage control and perform maintenance on all portable and installed damage control equipment. I trained…

ABLE SEAMAN SPECIAL-(OSV) Lifeboat Endorsement

San Tan Valley, AZ, USA

Ship worldwide on large ship. Good with lifeboats, survival skills. Like to get fully qualified for additional RFNPW helmsman. Team player and work well under pressure. Extremely well physically conditioned and can lift over 150 pounds. Fast learner and can take direction well.

Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage

Coral Springs, FL, USA

Using my knowledge and skills from being a licensed as a Third Mate who has a background of Logistics and Intermodal Transportation degree. M/V Sea-Land Eagle (102 days) Container Vessel Maersk LTD. Gained hands-on experience participating in the loading and discharging of vessel’s cargo…

Deck hand and engineer assistant

Richland, MS, USA

Worked for American commercial lines from march of 08 till november of 2010. Was in the united states navy for 2004 till 2005 as a seaman.


Two Harbors, MN, USA

i want to work my way up from wiper to electrician as a merchant marine.

Operations Specialist "Radar"

Newburgh, NY, USA

Shipboard position dealing with every day radar and navigation of the ship and its cargo. Other objectives can include shipboard nightlife DJ Entertainment "Cruise Lines". Allied Barton Security Services – 400 Executive Blvd. United States NAVY…

Boat Coxswain, First Mate

McDonough, GA, USA

To obtain viable employment that will be mutually beneficial and afford me the opportunity to utilize and build upon the discipline, extensive training, skills, and experience obtained during twenty years of service in the United States Navy.

Unlicensened Junior/ Assistant Engineer Position

Newark, DE, USA

Seeking to secure an endorsement for a junior engineer position utilizing and expanding upon skills and knowledge learned and gained while serving in the United States Navy(USN). While in the USN served as an Able Seaman for two and a half years…