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Unlicensened Junior/ Assistant Engineer Position


Seeking to secure an endorsement for a junior engineer position utilizing and expanding upon skills and knowledge learned and gained while serving in the United States Navy(USN).


While in the USN served as an Able Seaman for two and a half years in the Deck division and a year and a half as an Engineman. As a sailor my duties involved but were not limited to line handling to performing Damage Control Petty Officer duties utilizing material, maintenance and management(3M) in accordance with established planned maintenance system(PMS). Operated helm and lee-helm during special operations and evolutions--- Underway Replenishments, Helicopter Operations and Man overboard drills. Performed auxiliary systems maintenace(ASM) and IEP--internal engineering plant watches. Have working knowledge and basic understanding of cooling systems, reverse osmosis/desalination plants, fire extinguishers, eductor/dewatering systems et cetera. Set material conditions of readiness, operated varied communication equipment, maintained accurate electronic, written logs, manuals and records. A 9MM expert shooter, familiar with other weapons. Received surface warfare pin which requires and intensive working knowledge of all shipboard systems on a Guided Missile Destroyer--DDG.

Served in the United States Navy (USN)--active duty from 2003 to 2007, highest rank achieved EN3(SW). Enjoys learning, teaching and traveling. World traveled. Perform best when given well defined, clear instructions, goals and expectations. Excels when in an environment that fosters teamwork, diversity and camaraderie.


1991-1995 BA in French and Spanish--University of Maryland at College Park

1996-1997 Continuing Education courses at University of Delaware--Newark Campus

2002 MS Office Software Applications Certificate-- Del Tech--Stanton


Basic seamanship training USN

Basic firefighting USN

Most outboard/inboard watch qualifications--deck and engineering department

Weapons handlings


Has a working knowledge of Spanish and French--Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish.


Basic Seamanship Training-Great Lakes IL,United States Navy

Helms man and (Master)Lee Helms man qualified

Most in port and underway watchkeeping qualifications both deck and engineering departments

Basic firefighting and Safety

Weapons handling qualifications

All certifications and qualifications are renewable.

Newark, DE,
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