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Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage


Using my knowledge and skills from being a licensed as a Third Mate who has a background of Logistics and Intermodal Transportation degree.


Commercial Shipping (2008-2010): Sailed as Deck Cadet for 307 days aboard the following vessels:

M/V President Polk (112 days) Container Vessel APL Maritime

SS Matson Maui (40 days) Container Vessel Matson lines

M/V Sea-Land Eagle (102 days) Container Vessel Maersk LTD. Lines

M/V Jean Anne (42 days) Ro/Ro Vessel Pasha

T/V Kings Pointer (11days) Training Vessel USMMA

Gained hands-on experience participating in the loading and discharging of vessel’s cargo, took part in the responsibility of navigation while standing watch and maneuvering the vessel to and from port with the assistance of the Captain and Chief Mate, ensured cargo was safely stored on vessel during cargo operations and throughout voyage, took part in all safety inspections on all vessels, supervised the unlicensed crew members in their daily operations, and was in charge of holding safety drills for Captain.


United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York

Degree/Major: Bachelor of Science, Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, June 2011

Commission: Ensign, United States Navy Reserve, June 2011

Certifications: USCG Lifeboatman, Red Cross CPR, MARPOL training, HAZMAT Endorsement, STCW ’95 Training and Instruction: Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention, and First Aid



Tanker Operations, Principle of Logistics and Transportation, Intermodal Transportation Systems, Maritime Security, Terrestrial Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Navigation Law/Rules of the Road, Radar/ARPA, Advanced Navigation, Cargo Operations/Stability, Seamanship/Shiphandling, and Naval Architecture.




Ensign United States Navy Reserve

Secretary of the USMMA Propeller Club (2010-2011)

Company Female Leader Officer (2010-2011)

Company Human Relations Officer (2011)

Financial Liaison for Midshipmen (2010-2011)

Navy Qualified Sharp Shooter (2010-2011)

Team Leader (2007-2008)

Coral Springs, FL,
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