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Able Seaman Unlimited


I am applying for the position of Able Seaman Unlimited.

I was particularly attracted to this position because of my interest in the duties of able seaman, worldwide travel, and the opportunity to use my seamanship skills. This seems a perfect opening to combine my twenty year career in the military with a possibility for an exciting future with the maritime industry.

I have particular expertise in safely rigging and operating deck equipment, ship handling and navigation, as well as a mariner with experience on naval vessels operating in inland and international waters.

I will be available for employment on December 1, 2007 due to honorable separation from military service.

I believe I would be a good candidate for your position as an Able Seaman. Thank you for your time and consideration.




- Over 15 years of experience in deck seamanship, underway bridge watch standing, deck equipment maintenance and repair with the United States Naval service

- Very knowledgeable of shipboard safety and firefighting equipment

- Possesses the natural talent and proficiency as a rigger and cargo handler

- Experienced in the following equipment forklift, aerial lift, and crane


Country of Citizenship: United States of America

Veteran Status: No

Civil Service Status: No prior civil service appointment

Reinstatement Status: Not eligible


OCCUPATION: BM, Boatswain’s Mate

Navy, Active: CHIEF PETTY OFFICER, Pay Grade E-7, Deck Division Manager, January 2006 to present

United States Navy

USS Chancellorsville (CG 62)

FPO AP 96662-1182

Justin Long (206) 310-3097/(619) 556-4422

- Motivated junior personnel to achieve the highest standards in every facet of deck seamanship

- Guided Deck Division through an arduous inspection schedule with un-equaled success

- Maximized work efficiency in an under-manned division

- Received high marks from naval inspectors on Aviation certification and Navy Board of Survey Inspection

- Instructed, supervised and evaluated of 30 personnel

- Additional duties consisted of: Seamanship Training Team Member, Deck Safety Officer, Quality Assurance Inspector, Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Board Member, Duty Watch Standing Section Leader

Navy, Active: CHIEF PETTY OFFICER, Pay grade E-7, Command Career Counselor, January 2003 to December2005

United States Navy

1575 Gator Blvd STE 243

Norfolk, VA 23521-2470

Suzan Czoschke

- Provided guidance for the right career path for sailors within the Boatswain Mate rating

- Received extensive training on underway replenishment delivery rig from neighboring command

- Appointed the duties of: Command Fitness Leader, Casualty Assistance Officer, Command Limited Duty Officer, Exceptional Family Membership Program Coordinator, Adopt A School Program Volunteer

Navy, Active: CHIEF PETTY OFFICER, Pay grade E-7, Deck Division Project Manager, January 2001 to December 2002

United States Navy

USS Sentry (MCM 3)

FPO AA 34093-1923

Frank Linkous

- Enhanced the growth and development of junior personnel and provided sage advice to superior personnel

- Executed the first-ever astern refueling evolution between a large deck Navy vessel and a mine counter vessel

- Identified training objectives and developed a comprehensive training plan significantly improving the combat readiness and professional development of his personnel

- Superior technical skill and inspiring leadership contributed directly to command meeting all operational commitments during a six month deployment

- Supervised his deck team of 9 personnel to safely and smartly execute 2 astern refueling evolutions, tow-be-towed exercise and numerous small boat and anchoring exercises

- Directed an aggressive and comprehensive preservation plan, refurbishing all exterior surfaces of a navy vessel

- Orchestrated a flawless anchor drop test for the Navy Inspection Board of Survey

- Selected as Senior Enlisted Advisor, Respiratory Program Manager, Seamanship Training Team Coordinator

Navy, Active: PETTY OFFICER FIRST CLASS, Pay grade E-6, Deck Division Leading Supervisor, June 1999 to December 2000

United States Navy

USS Stout (DDG 55)

FPO AE 09587-1273

Mike Webb

- Supervised the rigging of all deck equipment for the Navy Inspection Board of Survey

- Planned, supervised, and executed the refurbishing of 7 berthing compartments and 3 messing areas

- Provided seasoned training to maintain seamanship competence of 28 subordinates in 5 underway refueling and 3 connected replenishment evolutions

- Ensured an average of 95% accomplishment rate of the planned maintenance system for 6 different divisions within Operations department

- Utilized strict attention to detail in preparing administration and material readiness of flight deck equipment for Navy Aviation Inspectors

- Demonstrated exceptional skill, leadership, and technical expertise during two separate towing exercises with an inexperienced deck crew

- Additional duties consisted of: Departmental Maintenance Coordinator, Habitability Team Coordinator

Navy, Active: PETTY OFFICER FIRST CLASS, Pay grade E-6, Deck Division Leading Supervisor, September 1994 to June 1999

United States Navy

USS Saipan (LHA 2)

FPO AE 09549-1605

John Yaeger

- Responsible for the management and supervision of 55 personnel and 88 divisional spaces, 118 life rafts, 2 personnel boats, 2 underway replenishment stations, forecastle, and ship’s hull

- Directed the completed overhaul and refurbishment of 47 divisional spaces

- Documented a 99% recorded accomplishment rate for over 2,000 planned maintenance system check during a 6 month deployment

- Completed the renovation of the ship’s forecastle with only 50% of his normal work force on time

- Save the Navy thousand of dollars in material and labor costs in the timely overhaul of 14 departmental spaces , which totaled over of 30,000 man hours

- Skillfully managed 150,000 man hours during the extensive preservation and painting of the ship’s hull

- Additional duties consisted of: Seamanship Training Team Member, Quality Assurance Inspector, Departmental Morale Welfare and Recreation Representative, Departmental Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator, Departmental Physical Readiness Training Coordinator

Navy, Active: SECOND CLASS PETTY OFFICER, Pay grade E-5, Assistant Supervisor, January 1992 to August 1994

United States Navy

Naval Station New York

355 Front Street

Staten Island NY 10304-3848

Robert Horne

- Assisted New York Fire Department with the rescue of Staten Island residents stranded in nearby flooded neighborhoods with the issue of MWR boats, canoes, life jackets and oars to rescue site

Navy, Active: THIRD CLASS PETTY OFFICER, Pay grade E-4, Assistant Supervisor, April 1988 to January 1992

United States Navy

USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44)

FPO AE 09573-1732

Michael Durnan

- Solid performer who possesses outstanding work ethics

- Counted on to complete all tasks assigned with minimum supervision

- Maintain an above average work completion on divisional damage control equipment

- Winch operator and davit captain during uncountable boat evolutions

- Spent numerous hours assisting, while operating the bridge crane in the repair of a landing crafts’ propeller during the Persian Gulf War

- Volunteered for additional duty on the USS Portland (LSD 37) and USS Pensacola (LSD 38) while present ship was under construction

Navy, Active: SEAMAN APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING, Seaman Apprentice, January 1988 to April 1988

United States Navy

Recruit Training Command

Great Lakes Il

CONTACT SUPERVISOR: Current supervisor may be contacted



Highest Level Completed: High School

High School attended: Tupelo High School

City: Tupelo State: MS Zip Code: 38802

College attended: Itawamba Junior College

Total credits earned: 48 semester credits

Major: Liberal Arts

Degree/Year Received: None

City: Fulton State: MS Zip Code: 38803


Naval Safety Supervisor, Basic Military Requirements, Operation Specialist, Boatswain Mate First Class and Chief Petty Officer, Boatswain Mate Second Class Petty Officer, Boatswain Mate Third Class Petty Officer


Microsoft Excel, 2004

Microsoft Access, 2004

Microsoft Turbo prep, 2004

Advanced Leadership Development Program, 2002

Minesweeping Boatswain Mate, 2001

Respiratory Protection Manager, 2001

Shipboard Firefighting, 2000

Primary Leadership Development Program, 1997

Boatswain Mate Supervisor, 1997

Damage Control Petty Officer Indoctrination, 1994

Boatswains Mate Skill and Fundamentals 1988

Damage Control Team Training, 1988

US Navy Seaman Apprentice Training, 1988

Basic Military Training, 1988


U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner’s Document in the grade of Able Bodied Seaman Unlimited


Objective: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s)

- Ability to perform general maintenance and repair on deck equipment

- Qualified shipboard maintenance person in the general maintenance and upkeep of deck equipment

- Managed a planned maintenance system totaling over 500 work requirements to be completed on deck equipment

- Budgeted over $30,000.00 annually in equipment repair parts

- Cataloged over 25 navy shipboard technical manuals

- Analyzed over 20 blueprints

- Maintained the certification of shipboard flight deck, 118 life rafts and associated survival equipment

Knowledge of Seamanship

- Recognizable expert in all facet of deck seamanship

- Seasoned mariner with 15 years of sea service

- Highly skilled in the splicing of synthetic , natural fiber, and wire rope

- Experienced in preparing metal and wood surface for primers and paints

- Trained in basic and advance seamanship fundamentals

- Supervised the launching and recovery of ship’s lifeboats and life rafts

- Effectively evaluated hundreds of anchoring, mooring, and line handling details

- Very knowledgeable of nautical terms

Knowledge of shipboard safety and firefighting equipment

- Qualified in basic and advanced shipboard firefighting

- Experienced as Repair Locker Leader

- Maintained the general maintenance and upkeep of shipboard firefighting equipment

- Trained in aviation fire fighting

- Qualified Divisional Safety Petty Officer

- Qualified Deck Safety Officer

- Qualified Flight Deck Safety Officer

- Supervised hundreds of accident free seamanship details

- Implemented the Operation Risk Management Program

Knowledge of helm orders and underway bridge procedures

- Qualified helmsman

- Very comfortable in understanding and repeating back helm orders

- Experienced as master helmsman during underway replenishment exercises, special sea details, entering and leaving port evolutions

- Seasoned understanding of underway bridge watch standing procedures

- Knowledgeable of navigational aids, inland and international rules of the road

- Interprets nautical rules of the road regarding crossing and overtaking situations and avoiding collisions

Knowledge of cargo operations

- Supervised the rigging for fueling at sea using astern, constant tension, span wire, close-in methods

- Skilled in handling cargo at sea or in port

- Qualified crane operator and signalman on 60 and 120 ton cranes

- Experienced forklift operator

- Qualified ammunition cargo handler



San Diego, CT,
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