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interpreter, manager for maritime agency

Odessa, Ukraine

to communicate with shipowners and sailors. 2000-2006 – worked in an international marriage agency. My responsibilities there consisted from assistance people on correspondence, phone calls and meetings. I also helped director on communication between her and client, showed a client around the city.

Port Captain, Supercargo, Cargo Consultant, Surveyor

Odessa, Ukraine, Ukraine

I am First Deck Officer , and I would like to introduce myself as a PORT CAPTAIN with some years of experience handling a wide variety of cargoes, with 10 years of Deck officer sailing background and 5 years Port Captain services.

Marine Engineer, 3rd Engineer

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

To work! 4) 2003-2005 – ship-repair yard “Ukraine”: fitter. 6) 2007 – ship-repair yard “Ukraine”: fitter. 7) 2008-2012 – “Eugenia” Ltd.: ships crew mechanic(oiler/turner/welder/electrician)/3rd engineer. 1994-1996 graduated. Automation&Computer engineering faculty.


Odessa, Ukraine

I am a professional stew. I have been around boats and ships 4 years.I am looking for seasonal or permanent job on private or charter yachts. I am energetic, honest, reliable hardworking and dont have any problem with any nationality. Oct 2008 - Jan 2009 ass.

Offshore 3rd Engineer, or Engine control room operator

Odessa, Ukraine

I would like to work in oil and gas industry or in offshore dealing with DSV, Offshore construction vessel, Pipe,cable layers, PSV, AHTS etc. Fully comply with safety regulations and company policy. Daily inspection for DG, air reservoirs, purifiers…

Crew manager, crew coordinator

Odessa, Ukraine

October 2006 – December 2006 Embarkation manager of the p/s “Dream”, Dreamprincess Cruises LTD, (functions and duties: preparing the embarkation list and passenger list, passport control of the passengers, cooperation with Hotel Manager and Chief Purser).

Chief cook , cook

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

I am looking for a job as a cook in offshore sector. Good knowledge of different cousins around the world. The last ship I worked on, we had 60 persons and I was in charge of the whole galley operation as a ch. cook, serving crew members from England…

Master Mariner

Odessa, Ukraine

I have employed as Master Mariner by ABC Maritime Switzerland since 19.04.2007 till now. I have started my career at sea in the year 1989 in position of ordinary seamen after completion of secondary school and relevant seaman’s courses. In 1991…

Chief engineer 1 class

SEVASTOPOL, Crimea, Ukraine

"V. KBENOK." UKRTANKER, UKR. "KIMOLIAN PRIDE" BONATSA SHIP.CO.,CYPR. "N1KOLAOS L” LEOND MARITIME, GREECE. Buchta Kamyshovaya URHF, Ukraine Reefer USSR 8000 2nd ENG. Atlantika, Ukraine Reefers USSR 4000 3nrdENG. Atlantika, Ukraine Reefers USSR 4000 4nthENG. Int.

First Mate

Kherson, Ukraine

Objective Seagoing or shore shipping industry Experience First mate containership "Somers Isles" JR Shipping from feb.2007 to july 2007 Education Kherson maritime college - navigator graduated 1997 Odessa national maritime academy - law bachelor graduated 2005 Certification Full inter

Chief engineer

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

Shore work as engineer, researcher, teacher... Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands. Aug. Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands. Aug. Dec. Wagenborg Shipping B.V., Delfzijl, Netherlands. Aug. Graduated with honors.

Chief Engineer

Odessa,, Ukraine

Objective I would like to work as Chief Engineer of AHTS, Dive support vessel, DP, PSV or similar job with 4-6 weeks rotation schedule Experience VESSEL COMPANY Type of Vessel DWT Type of Engines BHP RANK Sign on DATE Sign off DATE "Warlock" Barry towage & offshore AH

Chief Engineer

Ovidiopol district, Odessa region, Ukraine

MAKE & TYPE B.H.P. COSTAS S. National University of Shipbuilding, Nikolayev, Ukraine, 2002/2006. Basic safety, First Medical Aid, PSC, Adv. Electrical maintenance.

Third Mate

Odessa, Ukraine

I'm looking for job on research ships or other type of ships. As a cadet - 1 year on dry cargo ship. Employer - Odessa Commercial Marine Port, Ukraine(1999-2002). As a Ordinary Seaman - 3 month on passenger ship. Employer - Shipping company "Antarktika", Ukraine(2003).

Security Officer

Odessa, Ukraine

I have performed all manerof security duties includingsupervising crew membersin their duties at Gangway watch,X-ray screening& personal screening.I was in charge of the overall performance of security and anti piracy patrols at sea.I have also proved capable of running Shore Party whilst tendering…

Chief Officer

Kherson, Ukraine

I'm work at sea more than seven years, presently work as chief officer with Dutch shipowner,have British and Dutch endorsments.

Marine Engineer,/3rd,4th engineer

Saki, Crimea/Ukraine, Ukraine

Objective officer in charge of an engineering watch in a manned engine room or designated duty engineers in aperiodically unmanned engine room of maritime vessels Experience Lascaridis shipping company /Greece/ motorman 8,5 months motorman-welder 4 months 3rd engineer 7,5 months engineerin

Professional Maritime Crewing Manageer

Odessa, CA-ON, Ukraine

35 years old, Ukrainian professional marine Crewing Manager, valid maritime Deck Officer (full set of STCW documents for position of Chief Officer no limitations), experienced onboard of various types of vessels including Chief Officer position…


Sevastopol, Ukraine

Objective Maritime sea-going or shore based positions Experience 1999-2003 Captain on tankers ABC Maritime (Swiss) 2003-2004 Captain on OBO TKG (Norway) 2004-2005 Captain on tanker Stolt-Nielsen (Netherland) 2005-2010 Captain on tankers Interorient Marine Services(Germany & Cyprus) Educa

Rating,Deck hand.

Simferopol, Krimea, Ukraine

To get a position as a graduate trainee,a mariner or manager that will enable me to reasonably and creatively contribute to the productivity of the maritime economic sector. Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Lagos, Nigeria. Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Resort Construction. Simferopol,Ukraine.