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Offshore 3rd Engineer, or Engine control room operator


I would like to work in oil and gas industry or in offshore dealing with DSV, Offshore construction vessel, Pipe,cable layers, PSV, AHTS etc. Fully comply with safety regulations and company policy.


Bourbon offshore

Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

Daily inspection for DG, air reservoirs, purifiers, azimuth thrusters, bow thrusters, temperatures, pressure readings, soundings etc. Responsible for all cargo procedures during a watch, FIFI drills, bilge, sewage plants, batteries, rescue boat etc. Also maintenance and repair works on main engines and various ship’s machinery and equipment.


2011 Master’s degree of Marine Engineering,

2005 – 2009 Bachelor degree of Marine Engineering.

2008 – 2011 Bachelor degree of General and Marine law.


Holding all necessary certificates according to STCW and Huet, but unfortunately I don't have BOSIET.


Open and responsible, take active part in social life, plan work and rest properly. Make friends with everyone easily. Easy communicate with people from various countries, highly tolerant to other cultures. Have experience how to work in a multicultural team. Unpredictable conditions and unforeseen situations do not make me feel less confident. Non-smoker and actively react on smoking around me as it may negatively affect safety and people’s health. Also interested in technical innovations. Hobbies are sport cars, chess, guitar etc.


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