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Izmail, Ukraine

During education sailed as apprentice in Ukrainian Danube Shipping company such vessels as : Artsiz , Baku, Rakhov , Habarovsk , Russe. 2001 passed exams in Dutch Shipping Inspection ( Rotterdam/Holland ), got Dutch License and Seaman’s book.

Electrical engineer

Kherson, Ukraine

“Happiness II” 1978 20246 Bulk 12000 Sulzer Panama Good Faith LTD El.eng. “Antigoni” 1984 24543 Cont. 18000 Sulzer Panama Windward LTD El.eng. “MSC Izmir” 1987 28078 Cont. 21329 Sulzer Nassau Danaos LTD El.eng. “Gerdt Oldendorff” 1998 25791 Bulk. 10460 Sulzer Valletta Egon Oldendorff El.eng.

Cargo Superintendant, port capatain

Nikolaev, Nikolaev, Ukraine

Planning stowage and supervision of loading seagoing vessels like bulk carriers, general cargo (heavy lifts). Chief Mate - 2004 - 2009 - Schepper Navigamus, Esmeralda Shipping Ltd, Drent Beheer B.V. Master - 2009 - 2010 - Drent Beheer B.V. Preparation stowage plan…

Mechanic / HVAC / Gun

Izmail, Odessa, Ukraine

I try to start to work in the offshore. With 1998 on 2002 worked onship-repair base on repair and re-equipment of courts. My experience of a position the Air conditioning fitter,fitter-plumber, pipe fitter. (14 month) the passenger ship. Ventilation system, fire dampers,refrigerators, Ice makers.

Geodetic engineer

Odessa, Ukraine, Ukraine

Due to change of permanent place of residence from Ukraine to Croatia, I am interested in getting an occupational work. State project development and research institute of marine transport government enterprise. - Executive engineering surveying of the Nikolaev sea port (120 hectares)…

Master / DPO

Kherson, Ukraine

COC Class1 “Deep Sea Captain”, No. Full DP (limited) Certeficate, No. B.O.S.I.E.T. General Command and control of vessel as Master. Operating of Dynamic Positioning and Tracking System, total DP Hours ~ 2000+.. Look-out, manoeuvring ship during berthing, un berthing positioning and emergency.

2nd Officer in Offshore, Non-DP, with AHT experience.

Kherson, Ukraine

Looking for permanent employment in the company, that manage fairly new Offshore vessels. Planning to complete DP course, if necessity arise. I have built my career on Tug boats from rating to Officer, 8 months as 2nd Mate. Significant part of my offshore experience- in the North Sea…

Chief Officer

Kherson, Ukraine

I'm work at sea more than seven years, presently work as chief officer with Dutch shipowner,have British and Dutch endorsments.

2Mate/with c/mate license

Odessa, Ukraine

at sea since march01,become 3rd mate aug07.2/mate since febr09,made 2 contracts(10 months)as 2/ c/mate license.last 3 contracts(16 months)work for german owner-komrowski company(container vsls). all needed certificates according STCW code.

First or Second Mate

Kherson, Kherson, Ukraine

Objective is to apply my experience and education to a challenging, interesting and steady job. I will be happy to receive propositions for any types of ships. 2006 - 2010 started on cruise ship as 2nd Officer, at the moment 3rd contract as Safety Officer. All STCW certificates updated, 2013.

Second Engineer

Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Ideally I would like to sail as 2nd Engineer on a offshore supply / offshore multipurpose vessel as this field really interests me, I enjoy working with various makes of marine propulsion power plants as found on these vessels, especially as…

Managing Director at Crewing Company

Odessa, Ukraine

Crew change planning, monitoring of seafarers' vacations. During my service for the company I took an active part in building up the new EMS Crew Management office in Odessa through which process a new crew management system and TMSA compliance was implemented…

Chief Marine Engineer

Belogorodka,, Kiev reg, Ukraine

Ch. Engineer 16 000 HP, DP Class 1 AHTS “Caspian 2” Anchor handling, supply job of the Drilling Rig “Iran Alborz” on the Caspian sea, Iranian side. Ch. Engineer of FI-FI FPSO support, ASD new building tug. Delivery of the new building tug on the Shipyard in China.

Safety Officer

Odessa, Ukraine

Working in Pullmantur since 2005.7 Contravts as Navigation Officer.Now in position Safety Officer 3rd contract. Officer in Charge of navigational watch on ships more than 500reg.ton. All STCW certificates updated, 2014. GMDSS GOC CERT.

2 Officer / Second Mate / DPO

Kherson, Kherson, Ukraine

on mv Desoto Tide, Platform Supply Vessel DP class 2 Konsberg K-POS. Boat was delivered on 2009. Vessel has 2 Z-drive and 2 Tunel trs. Service area: Mozambique. on mv Beautrader. Multipurpose vessel. on mv Marfret Douce France, Container carrier. on mv Marfret Douce France, Container carrier.

Ch.Off / Master / Mooring Master / Pilot

Illichevsk, Ukraine

Ch.Off, Master's license, almost 10 yrs experience on DC, Multi, Timber, Cont, H-Lift, up to 15000 DWT. Mixed crew. All docs valid till 2014, tanker's certificates, USA visa. Mooring Master / Pilot / Tug experience. Good English. All certificates acc. STSW 78/95 req.

job for CE

Odessa, Odeskaj, Ukraine

Objective job in offshore Experience 1992-2010 Education Odessa Maritime Academy Certification all Skils maintenanse and repaire eguipment 6 y. offshore companies

Second Mate

Kiyv, Ukraine

Officer of the Watch, Navigating Officer, Safety/Security Officer. Since 2006 working as OOW on ontainer carriers of 35 000 - 95 000 gt. Area of responsibitily: LSA & FFA maintenance, Crew training and drills organization, Single navigating watch, Cargo watch in port, Passage planning, etc.


Sevastopol, Ukraine

Objective Maritime sea-going or shore based positions Experience 1999-2003 Captain on tankers ABC Maritime (Swiss) 2003-2004 Captain on OBO TKG (Norway) 2004-2005 Captain on tanker Stolt-Nielsen (Netherland) 2005-2010 Captain on tankers Interorient Marine Services(Germany & Cyprus) Educa

Ordinary Seaman

Kherson, Ukraine

Find work. Ukrainian dry cargo vessel, position deck cadet during for tree months. NIKOLAEV CENTRE OF TRAINING OF SEAFARERS, during 3 months,position Ordinary seaman. Now I am studing for the deck officer. I am responsible, hardworking and would like to make career in good company.