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Chief Officer

Vancouver, BC, CA

PROFILEPROFILEI am fully STCW qualified as Chief Officer 3000 GT Unlimited Area, and Officer of the watch Unlimited. I have undertaken DP Basic course and I am currently working on a DP vessel. I am an experienced seafarer (17 years) having spent time as a Royal Naval Engineer…

Electrical Electronic Supervisor

Vancouver, WA, United States

Highly skilled Fleet Electrical/Electronic Supervisor.Marine Transportation, Aircraft, Design.Electrical,Electronics, Pneumatic, Hydraulics, Mechanical, repair to component level.Open door policy minded leadership qualities.Attention to detail…

Master 100 tons, QMED Oiler, AB Special

Vancouver, WA, USA

I want to work in any capacity that I qualify for while gaining experience and sea time to up-grade my license. I worked in the Crab Fishing industry and Salmon Tendering as Deckhand to Engineer to Captain (non-licensed until 2014) from 1989 to 1995. Conflict Resolution is my highest skill.

Project Engineer

Vancouver, WA, USA

I am looking to move my career shore side to allow me to spend more quality time with my family. Bachelor's Degree. Detailed Resume available upon Request.

Able seaman deckhand maintenance for almost at sea environmental works.

Vancouver, WA, USA

I would like to apply in your company as a ordinary sailor I'm a experience able seaman for 20years.given a chance to join your company is a great learning also to share my knowledge about seamanship safety invironmental work at sea. 1999-06…

Marine Engineer

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am interested in a higher level of responsibilities as a manager/supervisor in a challenging environment to deliver projects safely, on time and within the budget. Coordinate activities and maintenance of machinery with my knowledge of engineering…

oow NC

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I would like to work rotation on the gulf support supply expedition. Would've like to learn DP. North America only. My experience spans almpst a lifetime. Started helpingy father building commercial fishing vessels and fishing for approx. After I persude a career in commercial yachting.

Marine Chief Engineer First Class Steam and Motor

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

• Diesel Engine Training: Mak, Caterpillar, MTU, Ford Sulzer, GE, Fiart, Crossly, Pielstick, Man Fairbank Morse,Steam and Gas turbines, High pressure Boilers. C.Eng U.K. First Class Marine Engineer Steam and Motor Candian, U.K., India. Industrial Managing broker. C.Eng U.K.

Master Mariner

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First Officer (2000) to Captain (2007) on various Cruise Ships of GRT of 46,087 to 115,865. Global itineraries. First Officer on various Cruise Ships of GRT of 40,132 to 73,817. Global itineraries. Second Officer on Cruise Ship of GRT 23,623. Itineraries.

Able Seaman

Vancouver, WA, USA

Obtain an Able Seaman position. • 25 Years U.S. Navy Special Operations: skilled watch stander: meticulous attention to detail and safety procedures; accomplished leader: shipboard operations expert: dynamic team member. • Seasoned operator in high tempo (stressful) environments…

Marine Engineering Manager or Chief Engineer

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I seek challenging senior level management, Chief Engineer or consulting position in marine, transportation or engineering industries. 2. Chief Engineer at B.C. 3. Chief Engineer at Public Works Canada, Vancouver, B.C. C.Eng U.K. Electro-Mechanical Engineer U.B.C. Chartered Financil Analyst.

100 Ton Master, 200 Ton Mate

Vancouver, WA, USA

I would like to captain a work vessel or crew/supply boat. Ive spent the last three and a half years as a deckhand for Olympic Tug and Barge in Portland,Oregon. We primarily pushed petroleum barges but also ventured into a few construction projects.

Deck Hand / Industrial Jack of all Trades

Vancouver, WA, USA

To obtain full time, challenging yet rewarding employment. Perform safe yet productive job activities that in return increase productivity. Follow through on troubleshooting issues and make necessary repairs quickly to maintain operating efficiency. ? 24 Hour Hazwopper Technician Certified.

Hydrographer, Marine Electrician, Electronic technician

Vancouver, WA, USA

David Evans and Associates Inc. Responsible for the acquisition, processing and analysis of hydrographic data. Participated in multiple multibeam, side scan sonar, and single beam surveys over two field seasons. Worked on projects from data…

Ship Superintendent

Vancouver, WA, USA

ship supt. Started in the marine industry in 1976 with Dillingham Ship Repair. 1984 worked briefly as an agent for Cascade Shipping co. 1985 worked as a laborer/carpenter building bridges and overpasses.Later in the year began work as a warehouseman for a ship repair company named Lockport Marine.

Mechanical/Marine/Millwright/ Tradesman

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Looking to attain a position in a mechanical maintenance role within the marine industry. Overhauling of train gearboxes and axle boxes. Mechanical train maintenance and bogie repairs. Worked as part of a two man team executing all planned preventative…

Chief Mate,Safety Officer,Cargo Mate,Salvage

Vancouver, WA, USA

experience, training, and skill in the marine transportation industry. .I am looking for a change in employment from the company that i have been working with for 10 years. Willing to grow with your company and ready to learn your companys policys…

Marine Engineering Manager or Marine Surveyor

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Objective: Marine Engineering Manager (Project Management – Engineering – Construction & Commissioning-PMP. Life cycle Maagement- Managing Marine Broker. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Position Title: Marine Engineer 1986. Graduation…

Deckhand / First Mate

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Looking to further my marine career. Great attitude, strong work ethic, followed by time management skills are just some qualities I can demonstrate. Good computer knowledge and interpersonal skills. Currently working for the Harbour Master in Vancouver, B.C.


Vancouver, WA, USA

Currently working for NRC Enviromental Services. Oil spill clean up. From Nov 2006 to Dec 2009 I worked for Harley Marine on tugboats. - 1991 G.E.D. - 2009 Clatsop College M.E.R.T.S. NRC Environmental Services 6211 N.