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Master 100 tons, QMED Oiler, AB Special


I want to work in any capacity that I qualify for while gaining experience and sea time to up-grade my license. I plan on going to DP school as soon as I can afford it


I worked in the Crab Fishing industry and Salmon Tendering as Deckhand to Engineer to Captain (non-licensed until 2014) from 1989 to 1995. I just received my License and Documents after a lot of work gathering 20yr old sea time letters


some College-Business Ethics


100 ton Mate Near Coastal, 100 ton Master Inland, QMED Oiler, AB Special, STCW-95 Navigation Watch Standards, Basic Fire Fighting, Life Boatman, Rigger


Conflict Resolution is my highest skill. I know how to live at sea and in a close quarters environment. Welding mild steel


I will be training to up-grade my license for the rest of my career with a short term goal of going to school for Dynamic Positioning.

Vancouver, WA,
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