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100 Ton Master, 200 Ton Mate


I would like to captain a work vessel or crew/supply boat.


Ive spent the last three and a half years as a deckhand for Olympic Tug and Barge in Portland,Oregon. We primarily pushed petroleum barges but also ventured into a few construction projects. As a deckhand I was responsible for making and breaking tow, engine room operations, and calling in the captain during landings and lockage. I worked along side the US Army Corp of Engineers throughout the The Dalles Dam project on the Columbia River as we were the tugs on the job everyday.


Highschool Diploma. 2 years at University of Oregon. Columbia Pacific Maritime and Clatsop Community College for marine licenses.


200 Ton Mate

100 Ton Master

AB Special





Knowlege of the engine room and deckhand skills.Splicing line. Crane and rigging operations. Firefighting, lifeboatman, STCW.


I am available for hire and am looking for either inland or ocean going work. I am flexible with different crewing schedules but hope to work a few weeks on followed by a few weeks off. Please call and we can talk

Vancouver, WA,
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