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Chief Mate,Safety Officer,Cargo Mate,Salvage


: Seeking a position as Chief Mate or related position that will utilize my

experience, training, and skill in the marine transportation industry. .I am looking for a change in employment from the company that i have been working with for 10 years. Willing to grow with your company and ready to learn your companys policys and apply these policy with the present and future ever changing Maritime policies and regulations that our industry faces. Please review my resume.


Dec.00-Now K-SEA TRANSPORTATION LLC, Seattle, Wa: Chief Mate/Tankerman, Delivering fuel on various contracts 80.000 bbl to 100.000 bbl clean and black oil barges. All Alaska waters . US West Coast, Caribbean and South Pacific waters

Sept.98-Oct.00 D&V TOWING / TUG MASTER .INC, Seattle, Wa: Chief Mate, Hauling freight barges to and from Alaska and Cement barge contract in Mexico West coast.

Apr. 95-Aug.98 NORTH PACIFIC EXPEDITING (Subsidiary of Klukwan, Inc.), Anchorage, AK; Chief Mate; delivering fuel for military contract between Japan and Korea.

Feb.95-Mar.95 Attended Fryar’s Maritime School for Mate license.

Nov. 94-Jan.95 VICTORY MARINE, Seattle, WA; AB Unlimited. Employed for one trip only.

May 94-Sep.94 Attended Able Bodied Seaman Course and Marine Safety Courses.

Oct. 93-Feb.94 NORTH PACIFIC EXPEDITING (Subsidiary of Klukwan, Inc.), Anchorage, AK; Tankerman; split loads of diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel for military contract between Japan and Korea.

Aug. 93-Oct.93 SOUTH COAST, INC. (Subsidiary of Klukwan, Inc.), Ketchikan, AK; Deckhand on log barge loading and unloading operations.

Sep. 92-Dec.92 BRENT TOWING, Greenville, MS; Tankerman on vapor-recovery system barges; loading and unloading straight and split loads gasoline and 2-oil.

Jun. 90-Aug.92 ANDRIE INC., Muskegon, MI; Tankerman; Asphalt; 40,000 and 50,000 bbl. seagoing barges; on Great Lakes.

Oct. 89-Jun.90 GENERAL MARINE TOWING, Greenville, MS; Tankerman; 6 oil and various types of crude oil.

Aug. 88 Oct. 89 BOUCHARD TRANSPORTATION, Long Island, NY; Barge Mate; Crude and 6 oil; straight and split loads of gasoline, 2 oil, jet fuel, and kerosene; on 63,000, 72,000, and 115,000 bbl. seagoing barges.

Apr. 88 Aug. 88 OLE MAN RIVER TOWING, Vicksburg, MS; Tankerman; Straight and split loads of gasoline, 2 oil, jet fuel, kerosene.

Nov. 87 Jan. 88 WEBFER MARINE SERVICING COMPANY, Memphis, TN; Deckhand.

Jan. 83 Nov. 87 Employed in Memphis area businesses as Machine Shop and Hydraulic Shop Mechanic.

Nov. 81 Dec. 82 GENERAL MARINE TOWING, Greenville, MS; Tankerman; 6 oil and various types of crude oil.

Aug. 81 Nov. 81 ERGON MARINE, Vicksburg, MS; Tankerman; Midstream refueling.

Jun. 81 Jul. 81 MAGNOLIA MARINE TOWING, Vicksburg, MS; Tankerman; Asphalt.

Jun. 80 Feb. 81 SOUTHERN TOWING, Memphis, TN; Tankerman; Urea ammonium nitrate.

Prior Jun. 1980 Other employment includes Aircraft Refueler at Memphis, TN, International Airport and Gas Station Attendant.


(a) Ship Security Officer Training Certiicate,PMI Seattle Wa Apr 2006

(b) Voyage Planning and Situational Awareness Training Certificate. PMI Seattle, Wa Apr 2006

(c) 32 Hr SCTW Medical Care Provider Certificate. NFVOAP Seattle Wa-Jan 2006

(d) 1600 Ton Master Upgrade, Fryer’s Maritime School. Vancouver Wa – Aug 2002

(e) STCW Basic Training, Sea School. Jacksonville ,Fl - July 2001

(f) STCW Bridge Resource Management. Northwest Merchant Marine Training Center.

July 2001

(g) Tankerman (PIC) Course, Big River Academy. Memphis, Tn - Aug 1999

(h) Confined Space Entry Course “Shipyard Competent “. Sound Testing Inc Seattle, Wa 1997

(i) 40 hr Hazardous Materials Incident Response Operations (EPA 165.5) course, Marine &

Environmental Testing Inc, Portland Or – Oct 1995 and annual renewals .

(j) Basic and Advanced Marine Firefighting Program , India Tango , Seattle Wa – Aug 1995 .

(k) Radar Observer Unlimited Course, Clatsop Community College, Astoria, Or – Aug 1995 .

Master (100 ton), Mate (200 ton-Oceans) and OUTV (200 ton –Ocean/Domestic Routes),

course at Fryer’s Maritime School, Vancouver ,Wa – Mar 1995 .

Able Bobied Seaman course at Northwest Merchant Marine Training Center, Seattle Wa, Aug 1994 .

(i) Marine Safety Training Course (5-day) at Southwestern Oregon Community Collage, Coos Bay, Or – May 1994

(j) Confined Space Entry Course, (Shipyard Competent) at Maritime Employment Services ,Inc Seattle Wa , Oct 1993

(k) Tankerman Course at Western Rivers Training Center , Memphis ,Tn – May 1980

(l) Diploma, Germantown High School , Germantown Tn -1979


DOCUMENTS: Licensed as Master 1600 tons (Oceans) , Master of Towing Vessels (Oceans) ,

Ref: #2224092

ENDORSEMENTS: Able Bodied Seamen (Unlimited), Lifeboatman, Tankerman (PIC) .Ref: #2224092

TWIC card expires 2013



Vancouver, WA,
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