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Chartering manager, operation manager, foreign trade manager

Odessa, Ukraine

I would be open to a position of ship's management/operation, chartering, insurance or claims although a position in the crewing department would be a good option, as it will help me to gain knowledge and experience in the field. Moreover my…

ETO / Electrician

Odessa, ???????, Ukraine

Would-be stability in life and the family's income.

2nd Mate/ 3rd Mate

Odessa, Ukraine

I like to work in any kind of offshore vessels. Prefer FSO& FPSO. I have Tanker and LNG expirience like rating and officer. Also ASD tug exppirience as 2nd Mate. Graduate Odessa National Maritime Academy in 2010. 6 years education. I have all…

Chief Engineer

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

I hereby affirm that all the information provided by me in this Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Dry Dock Master

Odessa, Ukraine

West Atlantic Shipyard. Nigerdock. Sea Trucks Groups. West Africa Dry Docks. Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Electrical Supervisor / Assist. Dock Master. Illias Shipping Corporation. Piraeus, Greece. Bulk cargo vessels, Electrical engineer / 3d engineer. 1986 – 1989 elementary school.

Marine Engineer

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

Performed five 8-weeks contract as the 2-Engineer, eleven 8-weeks contracts as the 3-Engineer (instead of 2-Engineer) and six 3-month contracts as Oiler. Recently I have worked on the DSV vessel “Constructor” (built 2010, Japan) with DP2(Navis) and Diving Saturation systems (Link).

Second Mate

Odessa, Odessa region, Ukraine

Working with Pre-arrival, Arrival, Departure Documents, Arrival and Departure Procedure, Crew Changing, Bunkering and Ship's Certificates.

Second Mate/DPO

Odessa, Ukraine, Ukraine

with future perspectives. Preferable Diving Support Vessels, Construction, AHTS Vessels, Drilling Vessels. I would prefer permanent employment rather then temporary contract. DP/Advanced; BOSIET/OPITO and all documents are according STCW. As…

Marine Engineer, 3rd Engineer

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

To work! 4) 2003-2005 – ship-repair yard “Ukraine”: fitter. 6) 2007 – ship-repair yard “Ukraine”: fitter. 7) 2008-2012 – “Eugenia” Ltd.: ships crew mechanic(oiler/turner/welder/electrician)/3rd engineer. 1994-1996 graduated. Automation&Computer engineering faculty.

Master mariner

Odessa, Ukraine

20 years I am on bridge on a captain in-charge position on container vessel from 1000 up to 6500 TEU. Full set of sertificates as per IMO & STCW regulation for deep sea captain. problems…Fluent in English, Ukrainian & Russian. Excellent communication skills...

Second Engineer

Odessa, Ukraine

I will consider the job proposals for tanker 100000 dwt and more, LPG with main engine more than 3000kwt. I will be ready for work april-may. 2nd Engineer, Tanker, Alpine Penelope, Monrovia, 41696, MAN B&W 6S60MC 11016 KW, Ocean Gold, BGI, 02/10/2011, 29/01/2012.

Chief Engneer

Odessa, Ukraine

Writes to you Chief engineer Omelchenko Oleg which the with feeling of gratitude I would like to address to you with the request for employment on your good ships, on the following contract since February 2012, from the worthy salary. I have…

Tugboat Master

Odessa, Ukraine, Ukraine

I have good operation experience with towing operation(barges,floating crane,jack up barges),supply rigs and berthing/unberthing operation with VLCC Tankers at berth and SPM Bouy. From 1994 till 2000 – Second/Chief Off.-Ukrainian Danube Shipping…

Officer of navigation watch

Odessa, Ukraine

Objective 3d officer or apprentice officer Experience Manar Panama AL-THURAJA/HML AB Ro-Ro Pielstick Elviktor 01.02.2004 10.03.2005 6009t 7200hp Albatros Bahamas C-Cruises Veenendaal Niederlande AB/Carpenter Passenger Wartsila Ukrtramp 27.11.2006 19.12.2006 28800BRZ 20000kw

Chief Mate , 2nd Mate , 3rd Mate

Odessa, Ukraine

I would like to work as deck officer on offshore vessel , preferably with DP system. Also I have extensive experience in navigating in extreme conditions like Antarctic , Arctic regions , Amazon , Orinoco rivers , maneuvering the vessel in above-mentioned conditions…

Chief Mate(First Mate)

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

I am very interested in offshore vessels, tankers or any other type of ship. My target position is Chief Mate, however I am ready to join offshore or tanker fleet as a 2nd Mate or trainee if necessary.

Third Mate

Odessa, Ukraine

3. Cert. 8. Prof. 10. 11. 12. 13. I have experience of work on Chemiacal Tanker, Ro-RO vessel, skilled in work with modern navigation equipment, familiarized with cargo-handling equipment.I haave good knowledge of English language. I am sociable and skilled in work in team.

Ship's Motorman-1st class/;

Odessa, Ukraine

As far as I know according to STCW 78/95 a Motorman will (must) be able to maintain,repair,control the all technical equipment,main propulsion engine,all auxiliary machinery,all technical parameters (pressure;temperature;level)of the vessel's…

Offshore 3rd Engineer, or Engine control room operator

Odessa, Ukraine

I would like to work in oil and gas industry or in offshore dealing with DSV, Offshore construction vessel, Pipe,cable layers, PSV, AHTS etc. Fully comply with safety regulations and company policy. Daily inspection for DG, air reservoirs, purifiers…

Officer in charge of navigation watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more

Odessa, Ukraine, Ukraine