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Marine Engineer




Performed five 8-weeks contract as the 2-Engineer, eleven 8-weeks contracts as the 3-Engineer (instead of 2-Engineer) and six 3-month contracts as Oiler.

Recently I have worked on the DSV vessel “Constructor” (built 2010, Japan) with DP2(Navis) and Diving Saturation systems (Link).

Previously I have worked on other ships of the URS company: DSV vessel “Union Beaver” (built 1991,); received new-build AHT vessel “Union Boxer”(built 2010, Spain); ocean seagoing tug Union Diamond (built 2001); AHTS /DSV/ ROV/ Maintenance vessel “Union Manta” (built 2003) with DP2 system; received new-built DP2 offshore support vessel “Smit Kamara”(built 2005), equipped with innovation Offshore Access System, servicing Shell platforms in the North Sea and equipped with bulk systems and compressors, mud systems and pumps; AHT “Alphonse Letzer” (built 1977) and ocean-going tugs, where beside of my engine room responsibilities I participated in mooring; acquired useful practical skills operating anchor-handling and tugger winches; carried out maintenance and repairing of main and auxiliary machinery, automation, electric and hydraulic equipment.

I participated in maintenance of wind farm “Alpha Ventus” (Germany, 2011); in installation of “Belwind Offshore Energy” platform (August, 2010); in rig moving (“NOBLE AL WHITE” April 2010; “Sea Fox 7”, May 2009) and a lot of Salvage and Towing Operations in North Sea and Singapore.

Aboard the vessel “Union Manta” I participated in the following projects in Gulf of Mexico: PERDIDO-SHELL (June- August 2008), TAHITI- CHEVRON (February- April 2008) and THUNDER HORSE- BP (October-December 2007).

I had experience in dry-dock 3 weeks in Tampa (USA).

28 – Feb - 2002 to 26 - Dec-2003 – Turner/Oiler, Larus S.A., Greece.

Performed 9-month contract on the bulk carrier vessel "Pistis" with 75000 tons deadweight and 8-month contract on the bulk carrier "Wish" with 16000 deadweight.

My duties included turner’s job, checking all machinery in engine room and reporting to the watch engineer about all marks. I had experience in dry-dock 3 months.

15-Sept-1994 to 22-Feb-2002 – Fitter/Turner, Port of Odessa, Ukraine

My main job responsibilities were repairing and serving various types of engines, including work on Lath machine and pipeline fitting.

01-Sept-1991 to 13-Sept-1994 – Turner, Shipyard, Ukraine

I studied at Special Marine School as the turner and passed practice at the ship-repair factory with the subsequent transferring me to the shipyard as the turner of 4 category. I finished courses of Welder in 1994.


2008 - 2010 -finished Institution of higher education in Marine Academy. I’m a holder of a degree bachelor power marine engineering specialist.


SECOND CLASS ENGINEER certificate and endorsement for motor ships of 3000 kW or more.

•Basic Safety Training and Instruction STCW’95 (A-VI/1) - (15.02.2016)

•Advanced Fire Fighting STCW’95 (VI/3) - (18.02.2016)

•Medical First Aid STCW’95 (A-VI/4) - (14.02.2016)

•Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSC&RB) STCW’95 (VI/2) - (17.02.2016)

•Hazardous cargoes STCW’95 (B-V/4, B-V/5) - (16.02.2016)


Eight-year experience as fitter in floating shipyard, eight-year experience as engineer on offshore and deep-sea vessels with DP 2 system, ocean seagoing and AHTS tugs, practical knowledge of operation and maintenance of various machinery and equipment: diesel engines (Wartsila, Caterpillar, Cummins, Scania, GM-EMD, Detroit, ABC, MAN); Rolls-Royce thruster systems; bulk system and compressors; mud systems and pumps; hydraulic cranes/winches; pneumatic control systems, AC units and refrigeration systems, electrical equipment, and so on.

I have experience aboard vessels with DP Class 2 Power Management Systems, modern electronic automation and alarm systems (Rolls-Royce, Praxis, Terasaki); familiar with all standard offshore safety procedures and safe working practices.

I have working knowledge of fitting, arc and gas welding, turning; computer literate to a user standard.


References are available upon request. Available after September


Odessa, Odessa,
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