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Deck Cadet

lot8 Block16 Camatcho 1 Nangka Marikina City, Manila, Philippines

To learn more and update my knowledge in marite profession. Merchandizer- S.M.

Marine trasportation

Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

To enhance my knowledge and skills. Negros Navigation Co., Inc. Devon Farms Inc.


Lahore Pakistan, Punjab, Pakistan

Use of my professional abilities and to enhance Technical skills by working in a dynamic organization with opportunity for career growth. - Responsible for Technical Operations at Head-end and Regional Sales Office. - Managing the Advertising Staff which includes (Corporate Executives…

Second Mate

Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada

I am seeking a position as second mate on one of your ships. First mate, intermediate voyage – as chief mate, home trade near costal voyage(STCW 95 Reg. Oil tanker level 2 (STCW 95 Reg. GRC – Certificate of proficiency in radio/GMDSS (STCW 95 Reg. May 2003 -Bridge resources management (STCW Reg.

Deck Cadet

Tampico, Tampico,Mexico, Mexico

A position in a ship as a deck cadet. Escuela Nautica Mercante de Tampico “Cap.Alt. • All the courses of competency.

Deck Cadet

Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

To work at any type of vessel internationally. 1.) Fishing Vessel; Mr. Daniel Dominguez in Tamban Camarines Sur, Philippines; from 2003 to 2004; assistant personnel; Responsible in night-shift look-out, checking nets, rope works, steering, cleaning of the vessel, and navigating.

Master / Chief Mate / Other Suitable position.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Seeking a position as Master / Chief Mate / other suitable position, where my experience, training and good work habits will be of great assistance to achieve your company's objectives. Company :Chellaram Shipping Private Limited, Mumbai. Vessel :M.V.


Houston, TX, USA

Work as a deckhand and work my way up so that I will refresh my knowledge on offshore profession and learn the proper procedure on the ship. I work on a passenger vessel abroad for 2 years and I start working offshore job here in the US for 5 months on a littering vessel as a deckhand.

Vessel Captain and/or experience safety officer/crew

Cooper City, FL, USA

Operation offshore race vessels, marine experiences, bar hop cruises and other day or evening charters. 1)As U.S. Customs Service Vessel Commander, I directly supervised subordinate Customs Law Enforcement personnel including other Law Enforcement Officers.

Marine Engineer

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Maintain safe working environment, and external environment. 1985 to present:- Chief/second engineer on various types of vessels, mostly offshore supply and seismic. Western-Geco, GSI etc. Also experience at local shipyards (Halifax) as mechanical fitter, and technical writer.

Second Mate

Laguna, Philippines

A position with US flagged tanker, container or bulk ship. Worldwide, Apr. 2000-Sept. Apr. 1998-Jan. Aug. 1997-Feb. • All the aspects involved in navigation, including voyage planning, maintenance of maps and charts, and corrections. • Maintenance…

Third Mate

Visalia, CA, USA

A challenging position utilizing my exemplary skills and marine transportation background. Cater to and tidy up for public and private events as a banquet server. Worked on affiliate dinner boats in Berkeley, California. Supervised the branch office in the Benicia Marina.

Third Mate

Del Water Gap, PA, USA

I am an enthusiastic student about to graduate from SUNY Maritime College searching for employment. Experience working in a group under leadership of others. Tasks included maintenance, basic seamanship and terrestrial navigation. Took on basic leadership roles to complete assigned work.


Summerstown, Ontario, Canada

Do part-time or relieving work on large yachts, small passenger/cruise vessels or science-survey ships in exotic places including Arctic/Antarctic. 38 years as Deck Officer/Commanding Officer with the Canadian Coast Guard, including Buoy-tending…

First Mate

Humble, TX, USA

2000 to 2005 3rd and 2/Mate Employed by Marine Transport Lines on Product Tankers and Chemical Tankers Responsabilities:Officer in charge of Navigational Watch, Voyage Planning, Charts and Nautical Pubs. correction,GMDSS operator, maintenance of bridge electronic navigational equipment…


Accra, Ghana, Ghana


Deck Hand, Communication/Electronic Tech.

Oakland, CA, USA

To obtain a position where I can utilize my multilayer of management skills, technical abilities, quality assurance, program development/training, customer support and construction planing. Results-oriented, high-energy, hands-on professional…

1600 Ton Master/Second Mate Unlimited

Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA

second mate/1600 master 2004 - present - Maersk Lines, Ltd.

Assistance Electrician

Gaithersburg, MD, USA

To secure a permanent,full time position, which enable me to put in practice my experience in marine industry. Perform routine electrical maintenance in engine room,passengers cabins,galley,dinning rooms and decks. High School. I have experience whith the use of hand tools such as…