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Director USAsia Offshore Services & Logistics

Vessel Operations

I am in Seattle WA. USA -  I have extensive maritime
vessel experience-


I am looking for 56k salary minimum with opportunity to
advance quickly-


Please see my attached resume


Thank You


Dean Stabbert
CEO- Director - USAsia Offshore Services & Logistics
Kirkland, WA, WA
We are a network of shipbuilders- engineering and technical advisory personnel in the Offshore Gas & Oil
Industry available for consulting and support for your company's growth.
Our associates in Vessel Operations include DSV Sub-Sea and ROV Support Vessels, AHTSV - OSV, Crew
Vessels and ASD Terminal Tugs that are built to make the best impact in low maintenance, supreme marine
coatings, less down time and longer vessel life.
We take the advantage of technical specifications for leading industry contracts needed by vessels working in
new technology driven fields for higher productivity and greener footprint with safety as our leading edge
Shipbuilding has so many facets- we take in all of the purchasers needs and tailor build these vessels as in
Research and Surveying areas to accommodate lab spaces and specialized payloads- from DSV Moonpools,
ROV and upgrading vessels into DP 1-2- FiFi and classifications and our current work in Subsea Platforms for
We take pride in being at our best in an industry where getting projects off the ground is your priority.
CEO- Director
USAsia Offshore Services & Logistics - 2001-01 - Present
Procurement Vessels and Equipment for Offshore Gas and Oilfield Development - 1999-01 - Present
- 1991 - Present
We are a group of Offshore Engineers and we deal directly with shipyards to have Vessels and Equipment
built worldwide- We also have a vast network of companies we work with- Our Business Is Transparent and
we rely on return clientele while assisting companies growth- while exceeding our clientele's expectations
and performing with diligence to enhance companies working with us -
We work for the contractors in the offshore Gas and Oil Industry for a safer, cleaner, more productive and
better planned future
writer lyrics poetry short stories
musician, poetry and lyrics, short stories
- 1973-10 - 2014-07
- 1990-01 - 2009-01
Carpentry, Home Remodeling - General Contracting - Home Building -Electrical - Plumbing -
Director of International Marketing
Compartmentalization of E-Data and the Security of Information - 1999-01 - 2004-03
Networking with Marine Industry leaders and website development- Marketing and Sales of Marine Vessels
and Equipments- E-Data Management-
Creating Legal Documents for the Sales and Charters of Vessels and/or Equipments- Compartmentalization
of E-Data and the Security of Information vital to business operations.
Chief Engineer
Foss Maritime Company - 1988-03 - 1994-06
Singularly brought 6 of their mothballed vessels out of retirement and returned them to service - worked
as Chief Engineer on any of the tugs they owned- was one of the few Thea Foss Maintenance personnel,
Assisted in Shipyard Work, Worked as Inside Chief Engineer and assisted working on the Foss 300 Steam
The company had an unfortunate loss of leadership by the Foss Family and had its major assets sold of over
the years I worked there resulting in a loss of fundamental values the company had held dear for 100 years
and became an incorporated shell of cost cutting managerial impositions resulting in a loss of confidence and
support of the local community.
Captain Jack Parker
Crowley Maritime - 1980-01 - 1982-03
While Foss was run by the leadership that made it a family business- all too soon we saw most of our most
beloved executives and friends retire or leave
AB Special at Crowley Maritime
January 1980 - March 1982 (2 years 3 months)
My work here although only a few years was spent during my first serious sea duties- i worked inside until I
was set on the Blackhawk during the master mates and pilots strike and was subjected to some of the most
unstable officers to sail on that vessel- Captain Jack Parker would have put those bucks on the beach- as it
turned out- the entire trip was one of my most dangerous-
Crowley Maritime School for Navigation Fire and Capt
1974 - 1997
Master in Engineering and Vessel Reactivation
Seattle University
1995 - 1996
Seattle University
1987 - 1988
Offshore, Safety Management
AB Special
1977 - Present
Specialties: Shipyard Services Recommendations, Sales and Purchases of Offshore Work Vessels, Offshore
related Equipment, Vessel Cranes and Dive Systems. Quality Safety Management Company Policy Program,
we assist companies by streamlining their work onshore and aboard ship process's your workplace into a wellmanaged
safer more productive environment -
General Contracting / 1984 - 2004
Email us for newbuilding vessels and see what your company's future looks like in the Offshore Gas and Oil

Redmond, WA,
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