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Chief Engineer, 1st Class, Unlimited, Russian, 47, AHTS, DSV, ERRV, cargo ships

St.Petersburg, Russia

Looking for permanent job as Chief Engineer, Superintendent etc. Jobs offers in Russia will has priority. In total 25 years in Engone room of many kind of cargo and offshore support vessels with beginning fron motorman-electrician - 4th - 3rd - 2nd Engineer.

Marine Engineer / Superintendent / Technical Manager

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

In the sum of 14 years of the professional experience, from them 10 years - the marine engineer on commercial fleet, 4 years (on the present moment) – the technical superintendent and the technical manager on constructions and repairs of ships and yachts luxury class. Feb.

Marine engineer

Chernjakhovsk town, Kaliningrad region, Russia

I am looking for job in offshore maritime sector. VESSEL COMPANY# VESSEL TYPE FLAG DWT YEAR BUILT MAIN ENGINE B.H.P. Christina Scan Marlow Navigation Heavy lift Dutch 6245 1999 MaK 8M32 5222 2nd eng. Westerhaven Marlow Navigation Container Dutch 8450 1998 MaK 8M55C 8160 2nd eng.

Ch mate ,2 mate dry cargo ships

SAMARA Russia Federation, Russia

inspection & monitor fireprotection system , rescue equipment,electronic navigation aids,ensure that all nav.charts,publication are kept up-to-date.At times may be responsible for the safe operation of small boats. Last time work at the rank 2 class radioelectronic & radio officer.

Electrical Technical Officer, Electrician

Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

Maintenance,trobleshutting,repair,installation,comissioning,adjustment and trials of all kinds of electrical, electronical and automatical equipment and systems, technical documentation and planned maintenance system experience. July 1998 – September 2004 “North-Western Fleet” Shipping company.


Akhtyrskiy,Abinsk, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia

Full Course of Navigation Faculty of St.Petersburg State Maritime Academy.


S.Petersburg, Russia

i'm looking for job in merchant navy.

Marine Electrical Engineer

Kaliningrad, Russia

Employment to satisfy company's need for quality & reliability, personal growth I'd like to get a job as Electrical Superintendent or Service Engineer Electrical/Automation. As electrician my sea service started since 1983 and still continue. on board fish, refeer, container ,heavy lift vessels.

Marine/Shipping Lawyer

Samara, Russia

I would like to deal with bareboat charters, time charters, shipbuilding/shiprepair contracts, ship sale and purchase. Also I would like to do registration of ships, flagging-in and flagging-out, marine insurance, ship management and all other activities connected with shipping business.

Marine Chief engineer

Saint- Petersburg, Russia

To obtain a position as Chief engineer officer and to utilize my technical experience in the field of marine engineering with perhaps eventual goal of getting promoted to a higher position. B/? tanker MAN 14000 47032 2-nd eng. 05.02. 01 07.06. B/? tanker MAN 14000 47032 2-nd eng. 09.08. 01 10.01.

Unlimited Master Mariner

Sankt Peterburg, Sankt Peterburg, Russia

Far East Marine Geology Engineering (DMIGE) Co., Ltd.

Master - no limitation

Kaliningrad, Russia

I have of total of 13 yrs experience on the sea as Captain on reefer and tanker vessels. I also have 2 yrs experience as supercargo ai Argentina and Port Captain for 1.5 yrs in Angola. Kaliningrad Higher Marine Eng. School in 1986 yrs. Certificate of Equivalent Competency issued by United Kingdom.

Marine Coordinator, Master Mariner

Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia

Master Mariner - merchant fleer, Marine Coordinator - offshore fleet, interested in shore-based marine related positions and offshore assignements. - ERT Vessel coordination: during Emergency situation, Typhoon, etc. RAH Management BV, P.O.

Marine engineer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

04.2005 - 12.2005 ??? 2006- Baltic fishining fleet state academy// certificate 3-rd engineer cat.

Marine engineer (Seismic survey)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I'm currently looking for new interesting job related with marine onshore/offshore engineering. Also it's really interesting to get any development in science degree. 2005 – current time Seabird Exploration FZA LLC (, s/l observer onboard of 2D seismic r/v “Northern Explorer”…

Marine Chief Engineer/Superintendent

KALININGRAD, Kaliningrad, Russia

Saipem S.p.A. -Aux. -Possess computer literacy in the use of word-processing, inventory and database management and electronic mail programs. • Multi-skilled, versatile professional with 28 years of proven technical, mechanical, troubleshooting…

Marine Engineer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Marine technology, geophysics survey, underwater researching onboard of vessels. 2002-2005 JC “Navis” ( engineer-researcher. 1994-2000 Bachelors of Science degree. Graduated from St. Petersburg State Technical University, Physical and Mechanical department…

first mate

Petrozavodsk, Russia

In the past 7 years I have been working as a chief officer on board of dutch container ships: Navigia B.V., reider Shipping, JR Shipping B.V. I have been employed by Marlow Navigation Netherlands B.V.

ch/engineer <3000kW

Kaliningrad, Russia

I would like to work on vessel. 12.06 – 03.07 Misje rederey AS,m\v Cemi 1690 kW, ch\ engineer. 04.07 – 06.07 Misje rederey AS m/v Anmi 1600kW ch\ engineer. 08.07 – 11.07 Misje rederey AS m/v Anmi 1600kW ch\ engineer. I graduated Kaliningrad marine college. Welding.


Kaliningrad, Russia

1983 - 1985 Shipping Co. 1986 - 1990 Shipping Co. 1995 - 2006 Shipping Co. “Laskaridis Sh. 2006 Shipping Co. 2007 Shipping Co. Engineer-navigator, Diploma: ??