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Ch mate ,2 mate dry cargo ships


Bridge navigate loading unloading cargo , conduct documentation ship,inspection and monitor and correct safety deficiencies in the firefighting system,rescue equipment,etc


Last time work at ranks 2 mate on the dry cargo ships

more 4000 grt from 09.2004 yr to 11.2008 yr .Last contract

work at rank Ch.Mate .Type ship dry cargo 2450 grt

Area sailing North Europe

Resposibilities - bridge navigation,loading unloading cargo,

inspection & monitor fireprotection system , rescue equipment,electronic navigation aids,ensure that all nav.charts,publication are kept up-to-date.At times may be responsible for the safe operation of small boats.

Last time work at the rank 2 class radioelectronic & radio officer.


Gorkiy marine college from 1983 to 1987 by speciality -marine radio communication & radio navigation

Samara marine college fm 2003 to 2004 by speciality-

Marine Navigation


Chief Mate license from 500 to 3000 grt.Limitation before

3000 grt

Unlimited Radar Observer,endorsment with STCW - 95 Basic

SAfety Traning, Bridge Resource Managment,Advanced Fire Fighting,Medical Care Provider,and in some positions ARPA and GMDSS

Gmdss license - 2 class radio electronic.


Total experience 27 years at marine industry


SAMARA Russia Federation,
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