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Marine engineer


I am looking for job in offshore maritime sector.






Armada Firman 2 Bumi Armada Navigation Offshore construction and accommodation vessel, DP-2 Malaysian 2664 2008 NIIGATA 6L28HLX

6L28HLX 6000 Chief engineer 15.11.2008 19.02.2009

Triton Iskes Towage and Salvage AHT Dutch 490 2008 ABC 8 MDZC

8 MDZC 5290 Chief engineer 11.09.2008 21.10.2008

Aurelia RS Research Shipping Seismic Research Malta 742 1988 SKL 48 A2U 1320 Chief engineer 16.05.2008 17.07.2008

Reykjafoss Marlow Navigation Container Dutch 8450 1998 MaK 8M552C 8160 Chief engineer 04.12.2007 18.04.2008

Christina Scan Marlow Navigation Heavy lift Dutch 6245 1999 MaK 8M32 5222 2nd eng. 06.11.2006 29.07.2007

Westerhaven Marlow Navigation Container Dutch 8450 1998 MaK 8M55C 8160 2nd eng. 18.02.2006 22.08.2006

SYMS Changjiang Marlow Navigation Container Cyprus 7464 2005 MaK 8M43 9792 2nd eng. 10.03.2005 20.09.2005

Lappland Martracon Shipmanagement Container German 6900 1998 MAN B&W 8L40/54 7833 2nd eng. 07.05.2004 10.12.2004


1982-1992 Primary School in Kaliningrad

1992-1997 Baltic Marine State Academy in Kaliningrad


-Chief Eng. License unlimited (valid until 2011)

-Seaman’s passport (valid until 2012)

-Travel passport (valid until 2010)

-SOLAS certificates acc. to STCW 95 (valid until 2011)

-Fast rescue boats. (valid until 2013)

-Ship Security officer certificate

-Hazardous cargo certificate (valid until 2009)

-Health certificate (valid until 08.2009)

-Yellow fever certificate (valid until 2016)

-Dutch endorsement of Ch.eng. license. (valid until 2011)

-Dutch seaman’s book (valid until 2015)

-German seaman’s book

-Cyprus seaman’s book (valid until 2013)

-MARLINS english test results – 98 %


On board of any ship during the time when I served as 3rd or 2 nd engineer in scope of my responsibilities were keeping ship’s engine

room in appropriate order, all equipment in engine room and some deck equipment had to be maintained according to company maintenance

plan and equipment manuals. I was in charge of upkeeping spare parts number and inventory list. As officer, I had to give orders to engine

ratings and to learn them accordingly.

During my being as Chief engineer I was in entire charge of keeping all engines’ documents according international rules and regulations.

It was my responsibility that engine room and all equipment are all the time in constant readiness for duties and immediate action.

During my contract on board of seismic vessel, I took part with solving any problems with survey equipment together with British scientific

crew performing survey and seismic exploration for BP oil company in North Sea.

During my contract on board of tug I got experience with towage and positioning of oil rigs in North Sea. The tug was equipped with

Azimuth Stern Drives and towing winch of 75 tbp. Over there I used to work with winch control during Rig move. When I was on board of Offshore Construction and Accommodation Vessel it was newly built ship which we accepted from shipyard

in Singapore and committed her in operation in Angolan waters with Chevron oil company. That ship was equipped with DP-2 system which

comprised Azimuth Stern Drives, Bow thruster, Azimuth thruster, ROV, Sonardyne acoustic system, CyScan laser system, DGPS, Taut wire system,

four point mooring equipment, Pedestal crane of 30 t. SWL. Accommodation was designed for 200 persons.

Commonly, during my 12 years of sea service I trained myself as welder, turner and electrician. Have experience with diversified hydraulic

equipment, such as deck cranes, hatch covers and Davits.

Married. Have one kid.


Chernjakhovsk town, Kaliningrad region,
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