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I would like to find good job in maritime transport and improve my skills connected with my education as a bachelor of navigation.


30.05.2005-12.06.2005 Cadet on M/V Navigator XXI as a Deck Cadet

04.10.2005-01.11.2005 Cadet on M/F Pomerania as a Deck Cadet

17.07.2006-23.07.2006 Cadet on DP-ZPS-S-6 (Floating Crane)as a Deck Cadet

02.10.2006-22.10.2006 Cadet on M/V Navigator XXI as a Deck Cadet

23.04.2007-26.10.2007 Cadet on M/V ELSEBETHas a Deck Cadet


2004-2008 Maritime University of Szczecin (Poland)graduated as a Bechelor of Navigation;

2000-2004 Boleslaw Chrobry High School in Gryfice (Poland)


General Operator Certificate No. GG-13894

Oil Tanker Familiarization No. UMS-5437-092781-8646/2006

Chemical Tanker Familiarization No. UMS-5437-092781-8646/2006

LPG Familiarization No. UMS-5437-092781-8646/2006

Certificate of Training in Utilizing of Radar and ARPA Operational Level No. UMS-5434-092781-8672/2008

Certificate of Basic Safety Training in Personal Survival Techniques No. UMS-5412-092781-5989/2008

Certificate of Training in Medical First Aid No. UMS-5421-092781-5888/2008

Certificate of Training in Advance Fire Fighting No. UMS-5415-092781-5705/2008

Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats No. UMS-5419-092781-1622/2008

Certificate of Basic Safety Training in Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

No. UMS-5408-092781-5488/2008



Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie,
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