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2nd Mate 3rd Mate

Alexandria, Alexandriaq, Egypt

Objective Get Chance To work & Produce Experience 2 years On general cargo ships Education iam a graduate from the arab academy for science and technology & Marine transport Certification 1-2nd officer certificate 2-Medical Emergency basic training certificate 3-Fire fighting certifi

Marine engineer

Cairo, ???, Egypt

Seeking a challenging professional engineering and management career opportunity with future growth and advancement potential where my diversified background, academic studies, training and related experience within various environments can be utilized and applied to achieve the optimum.

Chief Engineer on AHTS Vessel

Alexandria, Egypt

1-I will be responsible for the operation,administration and supervision of the workshop personnel. a- Attending all vessels during port calls,ensuring the proper all ocation of resources to complete technical works. b-Attending all classification / client surveys.

Ordinary Seaman

Behira, Egypt, Egypt

In My Passport Profession: ASST. PURSER. But I Prefer Work Profession: Ordinary Seaman (OS). 1-Bachelor. Of Social Work (2006). Personal Safety and Social. International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities. Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting.

Assistant commercial Manager

Alexandria, Egypt

.Maintaining and auditing all expenses debited on owners account & Preparing all D/A for vessels calling Alexandria, Damietta ,Port Saiid , Ain sokhna, Dekheila, Adabeya, Safaga Ports & Suez Canal crossing (SCC dues) . .Disbursement accounts and all owners expenses issuing of Following lines:.

3rd Marine Engineer

Alexandria, Egypt

I would like to work on board ship or workshop. 3rd eng . 3rd eng . Abu-Ali Egypt Supply Boat 2 Engines V type Cat. H.P.: 1000 3rd eng . H.P: 1200 3rd eng . 1500 ton Engines V type Cat. Mechanical. High speed 3rd eng . I was graduated from the…

Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (Sea and Shore Experinces)

Alexandria, Egypt, Egypt

? 3 years of experiences about searching in LNG characteristics, LNG storage and productions, LNG carriers characteristics such as containment systems,critical structural loads and constructions, propulsion plants, the use of BOG,BOR and transportation efficiency…

2 nd Officer in Romalex Marine , Egypt Branch

Cairo, Egypt

I am working as a part of successful professional team and I am able to work well and carry out all the command issued to me even under significant pressure , I possess a strong ability to perform effectively .In addition to that I am very hard…

Dean's assistant- professor in internatinal transport and logistics

Alexandria, Egypt, Egypt

Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT). College of International Transport and Logistics & Port Training Institute. * Teaching experience in Management, shipping, transport management& logistics. *Extensive…

2nd Mate,3rd Mate,Junior Officer

Zifta, Gharbiah, Egypt

-FAMILIRIZATION TRAINING (03.02.2010). -Passed Successfully The" Guided Sea Training Period "During The First Semester (Sep.2007/Feb.2008). -Passed Successfully The" Guided Sea Training Period "During The Second Semester (Feb.2008/Jun.2008). -FAMILIRIZATION TRAINING (03.02.2010).

First Mate

Cairo, Egypt

Off Rating Co. Ikhnaton Egypt G. LOLO-M N.Koria G. Marawan-H N.Koria G. Corton ex. Of Thetis I Panama Bulk carrier 27.05.06 24.12.06 2nd Off M.S.Co. Halul-23 Doha AHTSV 05.04.08 11.07.08 Ch. Off H.O.S.Co. Lioness C Panama Bulk carrier 21.08.08 14.11.08 2ND Off Cosmo Co.

Marine harbour master/chief pilot

Giza, Egypt

Chief Pilot - Ship and port related work, like harbor Master, Port Captain Marine Surveyor. To further apply my skills for a company with global and bright future. Distinguish pilot in all variety ships (passenger, cargo, containers and tankers) till 100.000 S.C Gross tonnages.

5000 ton, Ship-lift DOCKMASTER

Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt

Word, Excell,PP, Auto Cad Dearsto whom may be concern, next my CVI am an ex-navy officer (27years experience), spent my entire duty working in maintenance of the ship lift facility (5000 ton capacity), I promoted from one job to another and ended to be syncrolift dock master, I retired 1st of JAN.20

Ch. Mate/DPO

Cairo, Egypt

Join a challenging job on DP vessels for a long term employment criteria in a reputable company. From Jan-2001to June-2004 as 3rd & 2nd Mate on Ro-Ro Passenger ships in Al Salam Shipping Co. July-2004 to Jan-2007 as 2nd Mate/DPO on PSV DP class 1 & 2.As Ch. Mate/DPO from Sept.2007 to March.08.

second mate

Zifta, Egypt (Gharbiah), Egypt

-Passed Successfully The" Guided Sea Training Period "During The First Semester (Sep.2007/Feb.2008). -Passed Successfully The" Guided Sea Training Period "During The Second Semester (Feb.2008/Jun.2008).

Operations Mgr/Asst, Port Captain, ISM DPA

Cairo, Egypt

Earn my Living by being beneficial to an employer, all the way. 1) Mubarak Marine LLC- Dubai, Jun 2007-Jan 2011, Asst. Run day to day operations for a fleet of 28 AHTS, tugs, and harbor tugs with GRT ranging from 25-1300 T. Source crew, client, and Vessel’s requirement.

Marine Engineer

Alexandria, Egypt

Over 18 years directorial experience in the maritime with focus on marine ships engineer. Seeking a challenging and responsible job as 2nd Engineer on DP 2-3 Ship (DSV/PIPE LAY/Cable) ships on Permanent contract 6 or 8 weeks rotation basis. •3rd Engineer on DP2 Diving Support Vessel.

Second Mate , STCW '95

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Seeking a challenging opportunity in a shipping company as a second mate (in/offshore based jobs), to utilize my skills and carrier talent, moreover I have accomplished many attributes. The qualities I have gained helped me understand more, the life style of a ship officer.

Master marine

Bene-Sweif, Bene Sweif, Egypt

* Certificate of Competency in the capacity of ( MASTER ) July 1999. * Passenger ship cert. *ASD Tugs Master Cert. * Pilot Experience. * ASD Tugs Master Exp. * HSC( High Speed Craft ) .

Superintendent - Port Engineer

Cairo, Egypt

Seeking a challenging position in a reputable organization that matches my ambitious and motivated personality to utilize my practical experience and qualifications related to my background. Also to be involved in professional training programs in order to empower my skills…