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Second Mate , STCW '95


Seeking a challenging opportunity in a shipping company as a second mate (in/offshore based jobs), to utilize my skills and carrier talent, moreover I have accomplished many attributes. The qualities I have gained helped me understand more, the life style of a ship officer. Such qualities like adaptability, discipline, sense of responsibility, endurance and the spirit of cooperation with international minds.


Previous Service.

Name of vessel : AIDA 4

Type & DWT : Training Vessel (Arab Academy for Science & Tech. )- 3105 T

Rank & Duration: Deck Cadet / from 17/02/2005 To 04/03/2006


•2nd mate certificate according to STCW 95 in October 2007

•Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Nautical Technology in February 2007, with generel "Very Good".

•IGCSE Diploma in June 2002

•High school, ( Kuwait International English School), Kuwait. (1996-2002).


Document Name (Description:


~Advanced Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting


~Prevention and Combating of Marine Pollution

~Medical First Aid

~Oil Tanker Famil

~Marine RADAR and Automatic Radar Plotting Aids, ARPA

~Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

~Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

~Personal Survival Techniques and Search and Rescue

~certificate 2nd Mate

~Bachelors Degree.

~Basic Studies with Merit (Very Good).

~Guided Sea Training Period 1

~Guided Sea Training Period 2


•Fluent in English speaking & writing.

oComputer skills. I am very familiar with computer software

( Windows, MS office, Internet, Adios Pollution Program & ECDIS ) & Electronic systems.


I completed four years of Maritime studies in the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport- Alexandria- Egypt. I obtained my Bachelor of Maritime Studies in February of 2007 with a GPA 3.1. + Second Mate Certificate according to STCW' 95

Guided Sea Training was my next phase as a Cadet on the ship AIDA 4,I have also successfully passed my 2nd Mate exams according to STCW 95 in October of 2007.Besides the Certificates I obtained during my four year college (8 Semesters).

Cairo, Cairo,
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