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Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (Sea and Shore Experinces)


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? 3 years of experiences about searching in LNG characteristics, LNG storage and productions, LNG carriers characteristics such as containment systems,critical structural loads and constructions, propulsion plants, the use of BOG,BOR and transportation efficiency, Re-liquefaction plants and standard gas fields problems and CNG concept in association with information exchange with some powerful organizations in the field such as ABS research and product development Team, MAERSK ship design and Marine ServiceGmbH technical team.

? 1 year of experience in working at Alexandria Navy Shipyard

- sea experinces


(Container) 33.750 HP 27093 T

(2800 TEU) 3rd Engineer


(U.A.E) Zakher View(G. Cargo) 5.600 HP 5120 T 3rd


(U.A.E) Zakher View

(G. Cargo) 5.600 HP 5120 T 3rd Engineer


(Egypt) Fast Independence

(RORO/Container) 14.120 HP 9870 T 4th Engineer

Egyptian Navigation Company

(Egypt) Taba

(RORO/CONTAINER) 6.700 HP 2040 T Eng Cadet

Egyptian Navigation Company Abu-Egila

(G. Cargo) 7.500 HP 9330 T Eng Cadet


? May 2001: Secondary school (Math Division).

? June 2006: B.Sc. Degree of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering,Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt.

•Project: Design of 137,000 Cu.m. Capacity Membrane Type Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier (LNGC) with Excellent Grade.

- Diploma in ship hydrodynamics

- prepare master degree in ship design


(STCW) & Sea Certificate :

- From the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transportation.

? License of third marine engineer from AAST

1-Medical emergency basic training.

2-Personal safety and social responsibilities.

3-Fire prevention and fire fighting.

4-Personal survival techniques, searches and rescue.

5-International code for the security of ships and port facilities.

6-Advanced fire prevention and fire fighting course.

7-Medical First Aid.

8-Prevention and combating of Marine Pollution.


very good knowledge in

? Ship Design.

? Diesel Engines, Steam and Gas Turbine.

? Natural Gas Technologies (Exploration, Liquefaction, Re-liquefaction, Storage And transportation).

? Ship Hydrodynamics.

? Fluid Mechanics.

? Ship Structural Analysis.

? Offshore Engineering.

Computer Skills

? Excellent Command of Operating systems Windows and Dos.

? Excellent Command of Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,FrontPage, Outlook and Access).

? Excellent Command of Computer graphics programs (AutoCad 2D & 3D, 3Dmax).

? Excellent Command of Hardware Support Specialists.

? Very Good Command of Ship Design Programs specially AutoShip packages(AutoYacht, AutoHydro, AutoPower, Etc) and FastShip Program.

? Very Good Command of SAP 2000 & other Structural Applications.

? Good Command of Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications (CFD) such as Fluent packages and Gambit.

? Good Command of Structural Applications (Ansys, Adina).

? Intelligent Internet User.


? One research exposured under the title of "Effect of Liquid Flow on the Boil-Off Rate of Cryogenic Liquids Stored at Saturation State".

- shared in design of 137.000 cu membrane type liquefied natural gas carrier

Alexandria, Egypt,
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