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First Mate (Master Mariner Class 1)

Manila, Philippines

With thirteen years of accumulated sea service both shore-based and recent off-shore experience on a FPSO unit under Bergesen Worldwide Offshore, on various types of tankers and a brief stint on a passenger ship; wish to apply for a position that will suit my qualification and experience.

Electronics and Controls Engineer

Manila, Manila, Philippines

To be able continue my career as Instrumentation, Electronis and Industrial power control expert on a maritime environment. I am currently working as a department head on a highly technical manufacturing organization. Handles a department that embodies three sections…

Human Resource Staff

Manila, Philippines

Graduated BS Psychology at Adamson University and currently finishing Masters in Psychology major in Industrial Psychology. Good leader and follower, a Team leader and a team player, I am good in giving instructions and following instruction. A good teacher and a good student as well.

Marine Transportation

Manila, Philippines

I want to fulfill my dream!! I want to go onboard in commercial vessel for me to be a merchant marine officer someday!! I`m working now to Philippine Coast Guard!! I`am graduated of Marine Transportation to West Bay College.

Marine Cargo Surveyor

Manila, RP, Philippines

To be able to apply as well as to increase my knowledge and enhance my ability. Surveyor - O.I.C. Surveyor of Damage, Vessel Cargoes, a little bit knowledge in draft & bunker survey. Incharge in operation and posting of assignment. The best…

Passenger Ship Security

Manila, Philippines

To be able to maximize my potentials and capabilities for the benefits of the company. C.F. Sharp Crew Management inc. C.F.Sharp crew management Inc. Mallig Plains Rural Bank Inc. Admiral Training Institute of the Philippines,Inc. Far East Maritime Foundation Inc. HRD Security Training Academy Inc.

Able Seaman

Manila, Philippines

The AB reports directly to the Bosun.He shall also be able to take action independently when requires.He is a senior member of the deck crew and shall participate in all deck activities. He keep the ship in order. DRUG PRESENTATION CERTIFICATE on-board Norwegian Sea.

Broadcast/Television Manager

Manila, Philippines

1995–2006 Crystal Cruises, Inc. ? Creates Storyboard, set-up the location prior to recording and editing (Avid, Ulead and Video Toaster NLE) our post production projects such as “The Morning Show”, “Evening and Radio Show”, “Sail Into The Future” presentation, Shore Excursion Information, etc.

deck cadet

Manila, San Francisco, Philippines

plaza leon st. meisic st. lope de vega st.

Steward/Deck Cadet

Manila, Philippines, Philippines

To be able to work in a position the suits my qualification and to apply my knowledge in navigation. • Assist the passenger’s needs. • Maintain the cleanliness of the Ship. • Supervise the passenger’s during navigating. John B. International Maritime Training Foundation Inc. Nov. John B.

Master unlimited searching entry level in vessel ope and chartering

Manila, Philippines

Iam willing to apply in entry level in chartering or as asst vessel operator. I was a Master on board an oil tankers and was a chief officer in chemical tankers ship trading worldwide. I started as Deck Caddet in Stolt Nielsen Until I become First mate..

Deck Cadet

Manila, Philippines

To be able to gain experience as a Deck Cadet in a reputable shipping company, and may use the said experience in the future career in maritime transportation. College St. Secondary G. Radar, ARPA, Bridge St. Prevention of Alcohol St. Maritime English St. Radar Simulator Course St.

Third mate

Manila, Philippines

be a efficient deck officer in my duties and responsibility. Status maritime corp. Responsibilities: assist on bridge officer and master paper works and filling of documents. Status Maritime Corp. jan. Status maritime Corp. May 7,2005 to Feb.