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To be able continue my career as Instrumentation, Electronis and Industrial power control expert on a maritime environment. I am currently working as a department head on a highly technical manufacturing organization.


DEPARTMENT HEAD (under Developmental Assignment)

June 2007 – Present, SMPSI Manila Glass Plant, Manila Philippines

Handles a department that embodies three sections, and was composed of 34 regular employees and 80 contractual work force. Handles the people who assumed my three previous positions.


2006 – present, SMPSI Manila Glass Plant, Manila Philippines

Position job description includes major participation on department’s manpower management activities: Commendation and upgrade processing, Competency profile development, Training need analysis, Minor Grievance handling, Developmental assignment facilitation and regular conduct of section meetings. Stipulated task includes regular cascade of operation measure performance, new performance targets, new management directions, and specific objectives among supervisors. Drafts productivity programs to align performance with organization commitments and targets. Prepares maintenance plan and accomplishments. Prepares section annual budget. Develops and monitor section balanced scorecard. Required as per position to assist on major technical problem solution formulation.

Major Accomplishments

· Reduced the department target on non-conforming products from 1% on 2006 to 0.9% for 2007.

· Reduced the department target on machine down time from 807 minutes on 2006 to 538 for 2007.

· Recognized (together with the group of responsibility for year 2006) with the highest given annual award “Gawad Farola”, of which applauds the exemplary contribution of an individual or team to the total success of the Organization within the given year of evaluation.

· Appointed as “ Employees Suggestion System Coordinator” (A formal gathering and awarding of innovative suggestion from employees) and “Work Improvement Team Facilitator” (Tasked to facilitate multiple teams on solving recurrent and management prioritized problems).

· Accomplished as Project Engineer for the Clean Room erection project.

· Accomplished as Project Engineer for the modification of production line conveyor system.


2003 - 2005, San Miguel Manila Glass Plant, Manila Philippines

Major stipulated task includes sustenance and effectiveness of assigned section overall operation. Vested to conduct Performance evaluation, commendation and motivation of subordinates. Implements and organize planned activities. Prepares the necessary production reports, incident reports, and other written memorandum. Required to represent the group on cross department meetings regarding operation and other related agenda. Assigned to assure implementation of plant programs on TQM, Safety and customer requirement.

Major Accomplishments

· Accomplished the automated packing machine installation as Project Engineer (“Berchi Case packer Project”).

· Developed and Implemented the imported and expensive parts alternative sourcing through local fabrication, which reduced the inventory and purchase cost of up to 70%.


2002 - 2003, San Miguel Manila Glass Plant, Manila Philippines

Position job description includes assurance of continuous and efficient operation of Inspection Machines and other equipment within Cold End Department. Responsible to lead hands-on and analytical troubleshooting and preparation of necessary report in the event of equipment or system failures. To participate on job change activities and defect set up of equipments.

Major Accomplishments

· Developed and installed production monitoring counters using optical sensors and signal counters to count and account production losses.

· Served as Editor-in-chief for the Plant’s official publication (won the “Excellence Award in Employee Communication” during the same year, The event was participated by the whole corporate division facilities and offices).


2001 – 2002, San Miguel Manila Glass Plant, Manila Philippines

Position major responsibility includes assistance on the definition, planning and implementation of the assigned project. To monitor the arrival of major supplies required on the completion of critical activities. Assigned to cross coordinate plans and development among beneficiary departments, Contractors and specific area coordinators. The job requires the administrative assistance on procurement and transfer of project materials. Review and update of project progress documentation.

Major Accomplishments

· Participated on a completed project with an approved budget of 360 Million pesos (Furnace A Repair).


BS Electronics and Communications Engineering (2001)

Technological Institute of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines


· Registered Electronics and Communications Engineer (PRC license no. 23098)

· Internal Auditor and Process Coordinator for ISO 9001:2000 QMS

· Process Coordinator for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System


With hands on and analytical troubleshooting experience on Automation system, Electro-pneumatic devices, vision technology inspection machines, and other Electro-mechanical hybrid systems.


· Work Improvement Team - Problem Solving Process, SMPSI Manila Glass Plant, April 2-4 2007

· Information and Records Management, SMC HOC, February 2007

· Good Manufacturing Practices Appreciation Seminar, SMPSI Manila Glass Plant, February 2007

· Administrative Investigation and Grievance Handling Workshop, SMC AMG, November 2006

· Creative Thinking (TRIZ) Training, SMC HOC, August 2006

· Applications Development for Non-Programmers Using Microsoft Access 2006, Informatics Manila, April 2006

· EMS ISO 14001:1996 Auditing Seminar, SMPP Safety and Environment, April 2005

· Effective Business Communication Seminar Workshop, Executive Development Institute of Asia Business Consultant, Inc., August 2004

· ISO 9001:2000 Process-Based Assessment, SMC CQM, July 2004

· Team Problem Solving Process, SMC CQM, May 2004

· Jolly S Job change and Troubleshooting, Berchi Group- Parma, Italy, February 2004

· ISO 14001 (EMS) Implementation and Internal Audit Training Course, CTS-EMG, December 2003

· ISO 9001:2000 Understanding and Documenting, SMC CQM, August 2003

· Understanding, Documenting and Auditing an Environmental Management System, CTS-EMG, April 2003

· Advanced Fracture Diagnosis Seminar, SMC CTS, July 2002

Manila, Manila,
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