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management /consultant /designer /engineering

Project Engineering / Project Management

Project management - construction -  contract management - supervisor




       Leading consultant - position in projects & - fabrication

                               construction   /design/ supervisor / project management

                               or   D.B  / T.D         Design - Build   /   Test -Deliver  any role


1973 -1980          Design  /Arch.                                     BS 5 year program

1975-1978           IIID Institute of design    WASH. DC                                       Diploma+  BA 4 years   

                                   NVCC Virginia & Strayer college                                            courses in  business & marketing

                                   law business -economics & management –accounting - resource management 

          1995           Atlantic Tech  CAD management and design                              

                                   NVCC collage / Stryker collage -  business  -economics -  business law-

  2002 2004         Maritime schools

                                   MPT marine professional training - of FT. Lauderdale  USCG  approved the center

                                   MTI   marine technical institute – continuing education and updating Master. M. licenses

Employment history:

current -          just a few proposals for new builds - Bid contracts  but due economy conditions they  have been postponed

                             or put on the back burner and other renewable energy proposals on hold  or bids  - repair projects -bid documents

2005-2010      Variety of new build project consulting and design for marine projects /ships /yachts

                           technical support for some marine design firms ongoing

                           Proposals for AMELS shipyard and Real ships yachts  2 built and refits on

                           Christensen yachts 130f  - Gulf craft DUBAI  yacht 90f  - ocean fast  99f

                           proposal for 2 ocean tugs + 2 OSV  240F   valued at 120 for the OIL service company  

                           Some conception work for the cruise – tanker ships -  commercial yachts  - mini cruise ships 

                           security -safety and survey

                           ISPS .security plan survey & ISM Lloyd’s intelligence UK initial ship assessment under

                           IMO rules for MSC the second largest container fleet operator in the world  and

                           cruise ships     

                           Safety -the design development for FRB-fast rescue boat (fast) retrieving and launching

                           system platform  and also  the self-dispensing life raft system  (pp) see publications                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                           (as a consultant)

                        Marina design with docks and development with a fuel depot, supporting Treatment Plants

                      Facilities for Carrabin islands. Also dredging and widening navigational  channel for  a marina

                      project     estimated  project cost $ 45 mil

                          Offshore wind farm development and service R& D for a service and assembly vessel

                          jack up configuration - offshore wind rig design pending-  

                          R& D research in a market area

                          exclusive design rights  ( also marine  environmental protection parts - not published)

                          And support vessel – also developed in the pilling systems for stem support (ongoing)

                          contract not awarded yet

                           Assisted in the delivery of vessels part of the watch and sea trails –troubleshooting 






1999-2004    PDS and associates          FT. Lauderdale Florida                                             (full time)

 Project Technical CAD designer and project management & supervisor and contracting- liaison

with  all contractors involved projects in the marine /ship/yacht / high-end projects

 Christensen's  145f  - Hessian -138 - Fed ship -Tarab 97f

                                                                                                                                                                           (as a consultant)

                           The largest ever built all aluminum vessel (192ft) and still holds the record                                            

                           Lloyds ship Australia 130ft and whirlwind 142ft a very high-speed water jet driven                          

                           by Diaships Holland all aluminum built – fed ship 168f / 178ft    lee  82f 

                           Assisted in the delivery of vessels part of the watch and sea trials –adjustments 

                           product value over $175 mil  than - this does not include the shore side projects + the refits & upgrades

                           (supervisor role see additional info below)

1995-1999    MDI Co     marine design INTERNATIONAL FLORIDA     (design consultant &contracting)

                            Offshore oil & gas projects - consulting and support projects including contract work

                           Naval architecture & space planning for large yachts- Naval consulting – naval

                           Consulting for frigate class missile coastal defense  logistics consulting -weapon system 

                           design and upgrades for NATO pack countries and other friendly government

                           harbor and marina/dock design product value (if contracted) was gorging t be over 160mil    

                           The transition to automated CNC in shipyards and CAD/CAM in the design and integration

                           support for several marine design firms       

                            projects total around 25                                                              (design consultant project management)                                                                                                                                                   

 1993 -1995  support for several design firms on their project and presentations

                           A civil project involving fabrication for gangways and aluminum bridge sections for

                           terminal facilities and docks and other architectural projects all fabricated in the

                           Shipyard  and the modular section for offshore oil and gas rigs - accommodation facilities

                           (hotel side of things ) small pocket cruise ships                  

                           Product value  35 MIL                                                                              (design engineer consultant )                                         

1982 -1987    Shipbuilding experience                                                                      (project manager- consultant- master)                  

                            Worked as shipyard superintendent to shipyard boss and head of the design office for

                            several ship Yards All sorts of commercial ship - -offshore support projects –

                            salvage and repair projects  - Liaison officer for the frigate class gunship from Vosper thorny craft

                            South Hampton UK 4 - coastal defense  class vessels - with Otto firing gear and weapon systems

                            product value over £75 mil than    - its  replacement today is $1.2 billion as to current tenders to replace or 

                            decommissioned them (supervisor role see additional info below)

1978-  1982       AAA  general contractors & developers                                         (captain / project manager)                                                     

                                 (Captain) and project manager for all aquatic construction (foundations and pilings)  work – and supervisory of dumping barge and piling rigs for all aquatic construction work –Variety of  heavy civil engineering & architecture projects consulting in rivers and channels–and sectional deliveries and heavy lift A frame barge for offshore rigs

                             Delivery of vessel and repair projects – refloat and lift salvage operations & clearing  

                             product value around 90 value be over 400mil

                             other projects and build   offshore support projects for  rigs

                             heavy lift push propelled barge 450ton  .  construction coupled together 450f overall  x 14 unites small

                             pocket commercial cruise ships - a tractor tug with VOITH system - a passenger car ferry

 (supervisor role see additional info below)

Additional information          

supervisory  & leadership role

                           as a shipyard boss, after working as supervisory foreman of all build  I was responsible for all personal scheduling- 

                           activity - Health  & safety - fire prevention -

                          environmental and  Union requirement if any   in the yard  this role also involved  up to 85 workers - welders and metal

                          assembly crew  & fabricators -   supervisory of  machine shop - metal forming shop -welding and & cutting shop

                          (plasma -laser -water jet)-carpentry shops- foundry & casting shop  - engine shop - electrical & electronic shop - and

                           engineering & design   department -stores & supplies -

                           this also included supervisory of  large groups  of subcontractors  - marine product representatives and reporting the

                           to ship-owners & clients with latest progress development- I mostly relayed on my foramen  & direct

                           subordinates  to keep me posted - doing  the rounds  twice a day- also running an apprenticeship program & dealing with

                           supply chain headraces  & shortages which can shuffle the crew around

                           Commercial marine engineering &  construction management  and  

                           As construction manager for construction and  aquatic  works - piling and bridge building - I had several  captains their

                            full complement  crew and subcontractors - divers --extra

                           full workforce to around 30-45   although the numbers are smaller this was working in  motion  things are

                           happening much faster and  tasks  to be completed daily -  Also salvage work - & refloat

                           calling on all resources to complete the task - reporting the  general contractor

                           As design director high end or commercial plus contract management - sometimes this went hand in hand with shipyard 

                           supervisory the norm was 4 or 5 designer  2 or 3 -draftspersons - and 2 or 3 apprenticeships and several dozens

                           contractors, craftsman artisans, artist - I also had to make the rounds to their shop their shipyards and travel this

                           could be across the globe  deepening on where the project is- reporting back to client and business owner  

                            in some cases, we had the build  the hull in on county and the finish the vessel  in another

Certifications & Licenses and other credentials     

                          TWIC - pass CARD on hand an MMC (master LTD)  credential                                      

                          Certified marine security surveyor –ISPS ships and port facilities                                    

                          Engineer II – Technical engineer                                                                                        RE                   

                          Master – chief mariner                                                                                   

                          Master      MMD - US 1600- 3000+ ocean     US coast guards

                          FCC license /registration                                                         

                          GENERAL CONTRACTOR  for engineering /  civil and marine works  

safety and resource management /endorsement

                           firefighting - first aid & rescue resource management & STCW for offshore

                           fast rescue

classification societies and  IMO  rules or military standards

                            water tank testing  / classification society & calculations /fuel consumption efficiency

                           I can work with selected classification societies &   society  rules   ABS - - Bureau Veritas

                           capacity weight calculations and certification -inspection and re-draw of the volume of the ship -yachts

                           damage and stability calculation using computer analysis of vessel hull

Risk management & assessments

                           with every project precautions and protective measures ensure liability damage control and safety 

                           and protecting both clients investment and shipyard and accountability at each stage


                           STCW 95 –   OSV survival craft /rescue boats            IMO CODE                               

                           Commercial assisted Towing endorsement -Celestial navigation Ocean endorsement 

                           Bridge recourse managements - safety/first aid -  Advance shipboard firefighting       


Military               Radar tracing & plotting operation room & air defense systems (SAM)

Service               naval weapon system designer 8 defense – from up to frigate class

                           civil engineering - military bunkers-  fuel depots -  and tunnels

CAD design skills & computer programs

                           CAD – auto desk –auto cad 2000 /04 /06/ 09 ongoing      Architectural shop drawings and fabrication details   

                            3D rendering programs and  photoshop –print shop other software

                            Industrial marine fabrications – Castings and mold making (plug) building for fiberglass (FRP) forming 

                            Naval weapon systems design–navigations design integration –

                            Mechanical marine drive complex systems - Structural design and fabrication 

                            Perspective renderings and sketching –– fast presentations   3d CAD

                                hydrostatic analysis's  and model testing  dynamic   using GHS and other software

Metallurgy and fabrication + FRP              using CNC     water jet - laser cutter or routers

                           Marine grade steel & Aluminum -marine grade stainless – high tensile steel

                           finite element analysis for structural loads and  bollard pull both static and dynamic


                           FRP ---   carbon laminates – Kevlar   - titanium weave and

                           Composite woods & laminitis –both heat cooked or hand lay – for any marine high speed

                           Interceptor class Military application   - lightweight aircraft projects - racing vehicles -PT class coastal defense-

                           interceptors  and an assortment of pleasure craft

  salary expectations           

                               At  upper managerial  - superintendent level - 

                              overseas representation                                             Europe  and the Middle East

                              offshore supervisory and project management + running any construction  & installation  project

                              21 days on -12 days off                                             standard rate            

Pompano Beach, Florida,
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