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New position on a tanker company


16 years sailing as engineer, the last 3 as chief engineer

Companies: CNN, Portline, Mutualista Açoreana, Soponata (portuguese), General Maritime (as 1st engieneer) and Seacenter as Chief engineer

14 years working ashore as maintenance engineer and consultant with several maintenance projects developed and action in maintenance trainning


Portuguese Nautical School - 1976 - 1979 General Course of Maritime Engineering

Portuguese Nautical School - 1984 - 1985 Complementary Course of Maritime Engineering

Several trainning courses for maritime certifications

Course for Trainer to get Trainer Certification (after return to sea life the certificate expired)


All certification for Chief Engineer III/2 , V/1

Chief Engineer Officer for Oil Tankers with 3000 propulsion power or more


Computer skils.

Office user, some programming, web site designer


Married, two adult sons

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