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Aplication Form of Ordinary Seaman

ORMOC CITY, Philippines

self-realization, and accomplishment of strategic organizational goals. performance and productivity executing it in responsible freedom. Roxas Blvd. SEAFOOD RESTAURANT CO. Asst. Nov. UGARGON CO. INC. Elementary : Daniel M. AND SKILLS? ? ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILL? AND SKILLS? ? ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILL?

cheif Cook or asst. cook and kitchen staff

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, Philippines

My objective in life is just simply to have a happy living with my family and with them I dream to have a better job specially I am looking a job which probably fit to my qualification like in cooking and baking....It is really my dream to work…

Electrical Engineer / Master Electrician


To take up the responsibilities of Electrical Engineer where I can make effective use of my both my electrical and mechanical knowledge in a highly and efficient manner. R.C. • Responsible in preparing quantity, cost and estimate and progress billing.

AB Seaman , BOSUN

Cadiz City, Philippines, Philippines

To be able to work with the team-oriented and be part of a reputable company that will enhance my knowledge,skills and ability.I am willing to undergo further training to compliment my capability & motivation to assume such responsibility.

Ship / Vessel Foreman

Las Piñas City, Philippines, Philippines

To work systematically and methodically approach. ? Coordinating to control / ship planner & others supervisors of shipside / quay yard, stacking yard areas as well as equipment controller foreman/supervisor for work cue activities. ? Making…

Waitress, Assistant waitress, Receptionist, Housekeeping

Baguio City, Philippines

To work efficiently as what is expected of me to do. To achieve my goal of continuing professional growth and knowledge development through the power of being enthusiastic in my line of work. • Primarily responsible for proper handling of foods for the guests on board.

2nd Cook

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

obtain challenging position of responsibility that will provide and opportunity to grow within the company. 2nd yr. BSFF Certificate No. GTF Certificate No. Certificate Of Competency 2nd/Ck Valid until Sept. Shipboard Culinary Course Certificate No.

Marine Engineering

Bulacan, Philippines

To obtain cadet engine position inboard, which I can apply my skills and knowledge in engine room. A job that will bridge not only my knowledge and experience but also to contribute and help in search for good, profitable and marketable aspects for the better good of your company.

Physician / Diver

San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

To be able to share and enhance my knowledge and skills as a medical doctor and or as a diver in rendering care to your clients and company. MO III – Dept. MO III – Dept. U.D.M.C. Resident – Dept. Q.C.G.H. Resident – Dept. TRAUMA dept. SMX – Pasay Mla Shangrila EDSA Mla.

Marine Engineer

Manila City, Philippines, Philippines

To obtain a position as a 2nd engineer or 3rd Engineer in your company to continue practice my profession as a Marine Engineer. 1. MV BUILDER FORTUNE 3rd Engineer Feb. 5. M/T OLYMPIC PRIDE 3rd Engineer Dec. 6. M/T EAGLE 3rd Engineer Nov. 8. M/T SEATRADER 3rd Engineer Feb. 1 , 1998 – Nov.

Able Bodied Seaman

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Objective Apply Position Based on my experience Experience Disney Cruise line / Passenger / Jan 06,2003 Ordinary Seaman Disney Cruise line / Passenger / October 10, 2003 Ordinary Seaman Disney Cruise line / Passenger / July 2004 /Ordinary Seaman Multinational Maritime Inc / Bulk / 11 J

Field Engineer


To be part of a leading engineering company that can offer a promising career in shipbuilding, marine & offshore industry. TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, INC. 1996~2000 St. Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu) Inc. Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu) Inc. Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu) Inc.

Third Mate

Misamis Oriental, Philippines

To be able to achieve my dreams and goals in life by this profession using passion and love. Hobbies: Bass guitar playing( Alphard Regulus Band member), swimming, fresh water aquarium fish fanatic,Badminton, Soccer, table tennis, jogging, hiking, internet surfing,PC gaming and reading.

Nurse/Paramedic?cabin attendant?messman

Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

To learn more by applying the knowledge I learned in school in a challenging, fulfilling work environment and Develop an excellent relationship with other people. St. Rm.216 Merchant Bldg. The Maritime Trng.Center of the Phil. 3rd Flr.G.E Antonio Bldg.,T.M Kalaw St. PERSONAL SURVIVAL TECH. Feb. Gov.

Marine Transportation

Batangas, Batangas, Philippines

Seek a position where I can enhance the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through studying and training and carefully render my service that will contribute to the positive growth to the company. >DMC CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT RESOURCES, INC. B.S. >Honest,disciplined and systematic.


MANILA, Philippines

if given a chance or opportunity to be hired by your company my only aim and goal is to be an asset of your company and i will show to you and perform the best the company will offer to me. NFD manning agency Philippines is my 1st past employer…

Electrical Engineer

Zamboanga City, Zamboanga, Philippines

To establish a career in the company wherein my knowledge and experiences an an Electrical Engineer may be applied and where i can make an important contribution and be a part of the solution to the company's growth and development. September 1…

Marine Electrical Superintendent or Shipboard Electrician

Metro Manila, Philippines

My work experience is in the field of Marine Electrical I'am very familiar in trouble shooting of navigational instruments and all types of engine alarm monitoring. 2006-2010 Project Manager, Course Developer, Instructor, Building Administrator.Resposible for all infrastructure of the company.


Koronadal city, South Cotabato, Philippines, Philippines

USA. The position described by your advertisement in this internet site Maritime Job. interests me very much. Knowing that your company has been truly serving well in the maritime shipping industry.I should like to be connected with it. I am twenty year old…


Koronadal city, South Cotabato, Philippines, Philippines

USA. The position described by your advertisement in this internet site Maritime Job. interests me very much. Knowing that your company has been truly serving well in the maritime shipping industry.I should like to be connected with it. I am twenty year old…