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cheif Cook or asst. cook and kitchen staff


My objective in life is just simply to have a happy living with my family and with them I dream to have a better job specially I am looking a job which probably fit to my qualification like in cooking and baking....It is really my dream to work in the company which can help and give progress each individuals to have a better life and specially can give good earnings to their employees to compensate of daily lives living.


Based on my personal experienced i really love to work as a cook since I have been a cook on my own business,I accept catering services like wedding,birthday Parties and any other occasions that caters foods and cakes.I have been also a cook in the restaurant in one of the mall in the philippines..I have been also a Administrative Supervisor at The Marigold Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City and as part of my duties and responsibilities are to supervised people under my departments,and I act as an HR officer,Purchaser,Inventory staff,Man Power Consultant,Receiving Clerk,Accounting Staff and do also in Marketing and sales...this present I work at the city government of cagayan de oro city as a watchman as part on my duties is to secure the safety of the government properties.


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

Care Giver

culinary Arts


Certification of commendation from the Department of Education



Net Surfing






Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines,
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