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Chief Officer

KLaipeda, Lithuania

Chief officer I worked as Chief Officer since 2007 on reefers, multipurpose, general cargo vessels.Sailing areas are Baltic Sea , North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic. Ready for joining.


Klaipeda, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Master on ships 3000 gross tons or more I am Master on ships 3000 Gross Tonage or more with 20 years of expirence in this rank.EU sitizen.Lithuanian.

2 Engineer

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Dear Sir/Madam, Be so kind to take into consideration my CV for evaluation as a 1, 2 Engineer or ERO. In order to save your time I would like to introduce myself shortly. My experience covers up to 15+years (last 10 years offshore, DP-2, DP…

3rd Off. or 2nd Off

Klaipeda, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Seaman, Crain Operator, Watch Officer Good afternoon,Many years I work on General Cargo vessels where I start my carrier in position OOW, after I decided change fleet. Last contract I again go AB what get experience and get advanced certificates for Chemicals and Oil Tankers.

Marine Officer (Third, Second, Chief Officer, JDPO)

Klaipeda, Klaipeda, Lithuania

GMDSS radio officer duties;Responsible for the cleaning of the ship and accommodation, garbage management plan.Perform the safety environmental policy, oil prevention pollution;Deputy of ship's Security Officer;Responsibilities for maintenance of deck and hold.ISM…


Klaipeda, Lithuania, Lithuania

Maritime Captain Name : OLEG SHUBINAge: 49Position: Maritime Master.Telephone + 37068 777 130 mob.

Marine seaman's job

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Lithuania

I like to work on some merchants and offshore's vessel,dredgers,tugs,barges. I have 20+years experients job at sea on able seaman's,welders,fitters positions and last three years I was on officer's of a navigation ( 3rd. and 2nd.officers)position.

Electrical engineer,ETO,Electrician.

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Lithuania

To be a part of one team and to work at offshore vessels. Supervision of all maintenance and repair works on board of DSV vessels. Supervisions of dray docking repairs and new buildings. Installation, commissioning, maintenance, servicing and…

Chief engineer ( 3 000 KW and more )

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Chief engineer on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 3000 kW propulsion power or more.Not valid for ships powered by steam propulsion plant and gas turbine. Operating,maintenance and repairing different type of ships' and particularly…

Catering steward

Klaipeda, Lithuania

all galley operations.food preparation, provision distribution, cleaning maintaince,serving. 1998-2000 McDonalds Restaurant.servce personnel.galley and equipment cleaning. 2000-2001 Reinassance Cruises.Was promoted to staff steward after 2 month.Officer accomodation houskeeping.

Bosun,Deck foreman,Rigger

KLAIPEDA, Lithuania

• Full responsible for all hoisting and deck equipment on board. • In command over the sailors on board. • Responsible for anchor operations. • Operating winches and arranging all cable work on the Svanen. • Responsible for managing deck crew during Wind Farm Foundations installation operations.

Head of Agency Department

Klaipeda, Lithuania

I live in Lithuania, want to find a job and live in USA. I want to work as a Ships' agent. JSC "Klaipedos Translit", As agent from 01-09-2008 to 01-10-2011. As Head of Agency Department from 01-10-2011 until now. Have experience with various vessels and their cargoes, around 200 vessels per year.

Cheif Engineer

KLAIPEDA, Lithuania

Knutsen OAS Ch.Eng Louise Knutsen Oil/Ch. Ahrenkiel S.M. Seaarland S.M. Ch.Eng Osttank Norway Oil/Ch. Nordic Tankers Ch. Eng Clipper Legend Oil/Ch. Clipper Group Ch. Eng Clipper Legend Oil/Ch. Clipper Group Ch. Eng Clipper Lancer Oil/Ch. Clipper Group 2 Eng Clipper Legacy Oil/Ch.

Deck cadet

Klaipeda, Lithuania

2009 Klaipedos Vytauto Didžiojo gymnasium. Currently I am a student of Klaipedos University's Maritime Institute Navigation department 3rd year. SOLAS sertificate. Seaman's book (Current competence Deck Cadet). Communicability, quick reaction in dangerous situations, no fear for hard work.

OOW 3rd mate 3rd officer

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Lithuania

Officer of watch.

New building machinery supervisor

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Licensed Marine / Mechanical Engineer seeking a position as Supervisor in Shipyard, Marine Chief Engineer or Power Plant Engineer where my experience, training and good work habits will be an asset to your company. Capable and reliable engineer requiring minimal instruction.

3rd Engineer on Drillship

KlaipedA, Lithuania

Rig Mechanic (assistant) duties onboard Noble George Sauvageau / Jack-up, Noble TVL / semi sub. Personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibilities. Survival craft, rescue boats other than fast rescue boats.

Project coordinator, estimator

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Estimation of project price, man-hours, sorting out of technical details and customer’s expectations, assess the technical feasibility of the project and the search for solutions, preparing of quotation, participation in negotiations, agreement of price and terms of contract with customer…

First Mate/Chief Mate

Klaipeda, Lithuania

I am looking for a job. I have tested with pilot boats, general cargo, refrigerated, container, multipurpose, tankers and other ships. I have all the documents ready. I ready to leave at any time, even tomorrow. I'm really an American visa, and all German and Portuguese documents…

Chief mate on ships of 3000 gross tonnage or more(II/2)

Klaipeda, Lithuania

I am looking for a job. I have tested with pilot boats, cargo, general cargo, refrigerated, container, multipurpose and tankers. I have all the documents ready.I ready to leave at any time, even tomorrow. I'm really an American visa, and all German and Portuguese documents…