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AB Sailor

Georgetown, Guyana, Guyana

Objective Work on deck as an able body seaman Experience MV Phoenix (Guyana) - December 1993 to August 1995 - Able Bodied Seaman MV Albert J (Guyana) - August 1995 to June 1997 - Able Bodied Seaman MV Dad C

Able Seaman, Messman

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

Objective To apply to be a seaman Experience m/v channnel alliance 87,368gt bulk 10/17/03 05/15/04 3/mate m/v fortune light 47,828gt bulk 08/04/02 02/04/03 3/mate m/v fortune light 47,828gt bulk 03/22/01 01/09/02 3/mate m/v cido facific 13,036gt bulk 01/26/00

able bodied seaman

Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines

I would like to share my knowledge regaring in my desire jod and i like to work with oher people outside of our country to have a good experience and last to work with professional people. Painting, Drawing, Letter Cutting and many more specially Able Bodied Seaman Work.

Able Seaman

Demerara, Guyana

I am seeking the opportunity for working for a renowned company as yours. I have the qualification, experience and skills required to contribute towards your company’s success. 2009-2010: Able Seaman on M/T Tradewind Force. 2008: Able Seaman on M/T Alpine.

Able Bodied Seaman

Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I am Experience for 6 years on board ship in running vessel and 2 years in Tugboat as a Able Bodied Seaman. Able Bodied Seaman M/T Sta. Able Bodied Seaman M/T Sta. Sea Bass Carriers, Inc. 2115 Madre Ignacia St.

Able Body Seaman Unlimited

Lafayette, LA, USA

A position where I can use my knowledge and experience of eight years offshore drilling to assist the oil and gas industry. • Completed 32 Hour Tanker man “PIC” Barge: Dangerous Liquids in compliance with 46 CFR 13.309. • 8-Hour Elementary First Aid/CPR in compliance with 46 CFR 10.301-304.

Able Seaman - deck hand

Kotor, Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro

Anything available. I have 10 years experience as an Able Seaman and deck hand. For the last 3 years I've been working for Mediterranian Shipping Company - Geneva. Pilot ship under Captain's supervision and everythning that has to be done on the deck.

able seaman - any waters

Duluth, GA, USA

Can work Wheelman Navigation, Able Seaman or any given work.

Able Bodied Seaman

Cavite, Philippines

A responsible and challenging position where my educations, skills, professional attitude and experience would be an asset with a progressive and successful company.




Able Seaman Unlimited

Santa Maria, CA, USA

Objective I want to continue my career as a sailor Experience M/V Isla Puna-Able Seaman-27Apr1988-02May1989 M/V Crane Arrow-Able Seaman-24Aug1989-01Aug1990 M/V Grebe Arrow-Able Seaman-23Oct1990-25Dec1990-vessel sold M/V Harefield-Able Seaman-18Jan1991-25Nov1991-promoted M/V Harefield-3/Mat

Third Mate (Unlimited), or Able Seaman (watch stander) with future advancement

Mililani, HI, USA

To gain a career position where I can fully utilize my experience and education while contributing to the benefit of my employer. Philippine Maritime Institute, B.S.M.T. Philippine Merchant Marine School, A.N.S. Have commanded a commercial dry cargo vessels of unlimited tonnages…

Able seaman

Varna, Bulgaria

I have ten years experience on board.I am reliable,loyal,serious and hard working.

able seaman unlimited

London, KY, USA

I am a friendly, loyal and clearly a dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment.I have extensive experience in the maritime industry working on all aspects of ships.I love to learn,and always up to the challenge whatever the situation calls for.

Master 200 ton, Mate/Pilot of towing 200 ton, Master 100 ton of towing Near coastal

Easton, MD, USA

Ordinary Seaman -Interocean Ugland Management -Vessel S.S. Ordinary Seaman -Interocean Ugland Management -Vessel S.S. Ordinary Seaman -Interocean Ugland Management -Vessel S.S. Able Bodied Seaman -Transoceanic Cable Ship Company -Vessel C.S.

Able Bodied Seaman

Toledo City, philippines,Cebu, Philippines

to maintain cleanliness and house keeping. Able Bodied Seaman SOMPS, ODFJELL Drillship June 2011-Aug. Able Bodied Seaman Wilhelmsen Ship Mgmt. Car Carrier May 2010-Dec.

Able Bodied Seaman

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Objective Apply Position Based on my experience Experience Disney Cruise line / Passenger / Jan 06,2003 Ordinary Seaman Disney Cruise line / Passenger / October 10, 2003 Ordinary Seaman Disney Cruise line / Passenger / July 2004 /Ordinary Seaman Multinational Maritime Inc / Bulk / 11 J

Able Seaman

Port Harcourt, Nigeria,RS.PH, Nigeria

i really want to secure a marine job in U.S.A,Uk,Canada. Western Oceanic Nig Ltd,Eagle Cement Nig Ltd,A.B.I Associates Nig Ltd.Western Oceanic [roustabout],Eagle Cement Nig Ltd,[able seaman],A.B.I Associates[able seaman].western 1992-1997.Eagle Cement vessel 2000-2006.A.BI .

able seaman/motorman


Objective I want to be Able Seaman Experience I have an experiences as an Able Seaman for about 11 years Job deskription Maintenance ship like, paint, scrab, greasing Wacth duty gangway wacth, Navigation wacth Lashing and unlashing cargo Mooring and unmooring Education SMTIK GUNADARM

Whellman/Able seaman

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania

Five months in the marine company (JACK INTERPRICESS)from 30/09/2012 up to 20/09/2012, the position is ordinary sailer and i can stand as a helmsman or an able seaman (AB) I was both engine and deck department and i perfom very well. Certificate of Secondary Education.