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Tug Captains & Deckhands

Vessel Operations
Competitive Compensation
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Full Time

Deckhand:Every deckhand is required to participate in making tow; transfer of rigging; lay rigging; handle lines; shifting barges; drop or pickup barges; checking tow; move and operate portable pumps; assist in making locks or bridges; assist in mid-stream transfers; routine housekeeping duties; and general maintenance of the Tug.
Deckhands must catch a line on deck fittings; work lines at locks; cast lines free when getting underway; and assist in the navigation of the boat.
Deckhands will be required to use hand tools, power tools, painting equipment, and personal protective gear.
Each individual is responsible for seeking supervision when they are unfamiliar with a particular item or procedure.
Make certain that you understand when and how personal protective equipment is to be used.
Use it correctly and when needed.
Must be available to stay on board vessel for times up to 30 days with up to 15 days off duty following hitch completion.


Captain:Include making up & transporting tows, setting pipeline, delegating work of crew as well as general upkeep of vessel.Must be available to stay on board vessel for times up to 30 days with up to 15 days off duty following hitch completion.Making sure safety policies and procedures are followed by all crew member aboard.Must have extensive off shore as well as inland experience

Deckhands: Must be capable of lifting and moving equipment that may weigh in excess of 100 pounds. It will frequently be necessary to move equipment that is heavy, large, and awkward, sometimes from one level to another. Mechanical lifting devices are provided and must be used as necessary. Assistance must be obtained from other members of the crew when appropriate. The deckhand must consider the requirements of a particular job prior to undertaking the task so he or she can be assured that all available equipment or assistance is readily available. All deckhands must ascend and descend stairs or ladders, sometimes while transporting tools or objects. They must correctly use portable ladders or stools and use handrails when appropriate.

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P&L Marine Towing


P and L Towing and Transportation is a provider of Marine Towing and Ship Assist Services. Located in Miami, we can respond to just about any place in Florida, North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Our fleet of Tugboats and marine equipment is always maintain in ready status to enable us a quick response and provide our customers with first class service.

Why should you trust your vessel to P and L Towing?

With countless hours of marine towing services in all corners of North and South America, our safety record is impeccable. Our personnel always maintain high standards of safety that complies or exceed all government regulations. Our team main focus is a total dedication to preparation in managing possible emergencies that may arise.

Our vessels are staffed with qualified and professional personnel. Each vessel is equipped with state of the art navigation and communications equipment. We are equipped to handle inland, harbor and ocean towing.

We specialize in offshore towing of large vessels.

Whether you need tugs, barges, specialty vessels or any other marine assistance including expert consultation, P and L is ready to assist you. We provide a wide range of services to our customers without compromising attention to detail.

We are devoted to solving marine transportation needs.

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