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Safety Officer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
Employment type
Part Time
  • Rank: Safety Officer
  • Employment Type: Temp - to - Perm
  • Joining Date: Jun 30, 2022
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: NULL
  • DWT / GRT: 57600

Start date ASAP

Salary = £ / per month worked

Contract 2 months +/-1.

Contract type = permanent contract can be considered for the right candidate 

Essential requirements: sailed as such on board cruise ships, with proven experience in safety training and developed SafO's skills, with Train The Trainer certificate, hold a Master unlimited CoC, all valid Certificates, good references/recommendations.


Responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;


Deck Department Responsibility 3 – Statutory Safety Officer

  • Assisted by Security Officer (Hazoc reports only)


Responsibility for statutory safety-related responsibilities including:


  • The completion of Quarterly Safety Rounds ensuring:
    • That at least once every three months every passenger, crew, service and technical space is inspected.


  • This may be done on a rotational basis (e.g. one deck each week).
    • The Engineer assigned the Deputy Safety Officer’s duties should assist.


  • The focus of the inspection should be the fundamental scrutiny of the description, labelling, usage, condition, protection, access / egress, etc. of each space and its contents.
  • Compiling a report (ship specific SMS form SAF96 “Safety Officer’s Rounds Report” when customized for certain vessels for the purpose) identifying inspected areas and any non conformance found therein


Hazardous Occurrence Reporting, for approval by the Master. Including:


  • Incident and accident investigation, analysis and evaluation. Where appropriate, making recommendations to prevent recurrence and monitoring that any recommendations are acted upon.


  • Completion of associated reports (including SAF15 “Incident Report”, SAF 13 “Passenger Accident Report” or SAF 14 “Crew Accident Report” as appropriate and also using the Company proprietary software management suite Shipsure for this when installed onboard, as detailed in a dedicated Local Working Instruction) for submission to the Company’s Safety and Insurance Departments and to the ship’s Safety, Health, Hygiene and Environmental Protection Committee (SHHEP COM) for review.


  • Near Miss investigation, analysis and evaluation. Where appropriate, making recommendations to prevent occurrence and monitoring that any recommendations are acted upon.  Completion of associated reports (including SAF 11 “Near Miss Report” and also using the Company proprietary software management suite Shipsure for this when installed onboard, as detailed in a dedicated Local Working Instruction) for submission to the Company’s Safety Department and to the ship’s SHHEP COM for review.


Deck Department Responsibility 4 – Safety Training

  • Assisted by 3rd Officer
  • Assisted by Security Officer (Module Training only)


Responsibility for the implementation and conduct of safety training following the procedures and instructions established in Company manuals including this manual, the Fleet Operations Manuals, the Muster List/Bill and the Shipboard Emergency Organisation (SEO) if available. He is to have a thorough knowledge of the Legislation involved in these matters.


This responsibility includes:

  • Conducting ship induction and training re SEP for all ship's personnel with particular reference to watertight doors, firefighting and lifesaving procedures and appliances.
  • Appraisal and training of all on board re occupational health and safety procedures including the Company’s Safety Management System (policy, procedures, instructions,
  • Standing orders, rules, regulations, etc.), the Code of Safe Working Practice (COSWOP) and the Code of Conduct.


Maintaining the Muster List up to date, including co-ordination and organisation of all aspects of the SEO (when available) including its current documentation and the distribution and display of relevant information.


Deck Department Responsibility 5 - Safety Maintenance (with Staff Chief Engineer)

  • Assisted by 2nd Officer LSA & Comms


Responsibility for:


The implementation of the Planned Maintenance System and the effective repair and maintenance of all fire fighting equipment and lifesaving appliances and other safety equipment.


Deck Department Responsibility 24 – Mooring Stations


  • Attending mooring stations as instructed by the Staff Captain.
  • Supervising crew assigned to mooring stations and ensuring that mooring operations are conducted in accordance with the advice in the Code of Safe Working Practice.


Deck Department Responsibility 27 - Permit To Work System


Responsibility for the operation of the permit to work system


Any task assigned by the Staff Captain.



To assist the following with their responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 2 - Movement of Passengers


Responsibility for the overall implementation and supervision of the shipboard organisation for movement of passengers en masse.

  • The movement and evacuation of passengers in an emergency, embarkation, disembarkation, shore excursion, etc.
  • The discipline and conduct of the crew and passengers re the ship's emergency procedures for the muster of passengers. In this connection he must programme and ensure that all passengers and crew attend emergency drills


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 20 - Cadet Training


Responsibility for co-ordinating Cadet training on board and ensuring that any training programmes or requirements are adhered to.


Additional Duties




V.Ships Crew

V.Ships Crew

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