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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
Employment type
Full Time
Mid Career

Requirements & Qualifications:

• USCG Merchant Mariner’s Credential (MMC) with a 100-ton Mate endorsement or greater
• STCW Basic safety training
• Medical first aid care provider
• Marine radio operator permit or GMDSS
• Radar observer unlimited
• STCW medical certificate


Offshore Wind Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs)

WindServe Mates are responsible for:

• Vessel operator
• Maintaining equipment and the Upkeep/appearance of the vessel.
• Creating worklists for the crew and ensuring all items are completed properly in a timely manner.
• Assisting the Master to ensure crew is familiar with the use and operation of all vessel systems.
• Ensuring that crewmembers are capable of deploying safety equipment.
• Keeping the Master apprised of upcoming service intervals for lifesaving/firefighting gear.
• Updating all navigational publications and charts, for all areas in which the vessel operates.
• Assist the Master to ensure the vessel is properly cleaned and maintained.
• Assist the Master in conducting safety meetings and emergency drills
• Assist with personnel transfers and the safety of technicians.
• Create work orders and/or requisitions as needed.
• Any other duties as directed by the Master.

Apply Instructions

Email resume and MMC to careers@windservemarine.