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Marine technical superintendent

$ 4500 -5300
3 years
sea experince serving onboard oil tanker vessels
Position: Technical Superintendent
Organisation: Shore-based Organisation
Gen. Department: Operations General Department
Technical and Marine Affairs Department
Fleet Section
Objectives: Ensure efficient maintenance of the assigned vessels and give technical support to the vessel in order to comply with the requirements of Class, Flag State, International Rules and the Company’s policy.
  • Arrange for the maintenance and repairs according to the Company standards and policies;
  • Provide for and follow-up survey, inspections and repair of the hull, machinery and all other equipment as required for classification purposes, international conventions and state and International legislation;
  • Maintain the assigned vessel at the standard performance level with cooperation with other concerned parties, in order for the vessel to be ready any time for any kind of inspection and verification as deemed necessary by Flags, Class, Vetting Firms, Charterers, etrc.;
  • Provide proper technical assistance to the vessels;
  • Evaluate and approve ship’s requisitions (spare parts and consumable);
  • To follow up service orders of all vessels from time of issuing service order till settling invoices and closing file. Also, to create database record for all services carried out for future evaluation of similar cases and quick reference of repairs.
  • Preparation of technical documents necessary for main repair and dry dock works;
  • Evaluation of feasibility to new installation and equipment and/or modification of existing ones;
  • Filling and classifying vessels' technical drawings and instruction manuals;
  • Check and monitor that the vessels are working in compliance with the IMS and Company’s policy, taking the corrective actions if requested;
  • Participate in investigating accident and risk assessment;
  • Coordinating with Insurance & Claims Dept. for insurance claims.
  • Act as owner’s representative towards underwriters’ surveyors and see to it that damage records and correct action regarding damages is taken
  • Process the invoices of services related to Tech. Dept., according to Company’s procedures;
  • Ensure that corrective actions are initiated in order to rectify deficiencies reported by the Master, and where necessary, brought to the attention of the appropriate administrative authority, and/or classification society.
  • Monitor corrective action by way of regular vessel inspections and verifying vessel reports.
  • Perform technical inspection and issue the relevant reports to the Tech. Manager;
  • Study consumption reports, break down reports etc. and make every effort to reduce normal consumption, costs, damages, etc. and ensure defects rectified.
  • Oversee stores, stocks of spare parts/supplies, and ensure tech. specifications for purchase.
  • Plan docking, ask for tenders, estimate costs and follow up the docking as appropriate.
  • Check and prepare in time the list of the necessary spares and materials for the repairs with cooperation of concerned parties.
  • Evaluate the estimations and offers of shipyards;
  • Prepare the vessel repair budget;
  • During repair works at the shipyard, control of the yard/vessel repair works schedule and budget, reporting immediately to the Flee Section Head or the Tech. Manager any relevant discrepancy or problem with the vessel delivery date and budget;
  • Evaluate and discuss with Shipyard the works scope report and relevant invoices;
  • Ensure that all information and messages sent by the vessel are monitored, in order that no message is overlooked
  • Interface with ships' Masters and Chief Engineers
  • Assessment of service suppliers, as applicable
  • Instructions; Circular letter and Corrective measures
  • Safety at work, Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation.
Subordination: Fleet section head and Tech. Manager
Superiority: Masters and Chief Engineers concerning technical and economic matters
Substitution/Deputy: Planned / Unplanned absence: Mutual substitution
Qualification, Training & Skills
  • Marine engineering and/or Naval architecture and/ or nautical school (Chief Eng. License) and/or equivalent degree
  • Good English language.
  • 3 years' experience onboard, as Ch. Eng,
  • In house deep study of vessels plans and Instruction Books.
  • Awareness of vetting policies and practices.
  • Knowledge of Company budgeting processing and reporting.
  • Good team leading and motivating attitude and capability, particularly with crew key position.
  • Prepared to travel and stay abroad for medium periods.