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Control Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:
· Implementing and Commissioning of new control panels as per diagram requirements.
· Control systems software upgrading.
· Control systems software parameters setting as per standards requirements. All software to be approved by the technical leader.
· Review of control philosophy, wiring diagram, instruments list, flow chart.
· Review and report all device discrepancies between marine engines controls and automation, signal lists and other relevant inputs before conducting DI/DR.
· Data link configuration from controllers.
· screen configuration and testing on AUTOMATION
· Controls  communication test and Modifications for diesel engines , water jets, Generator
· Automation Modifications for  marine automation Projects
· Review Customer requirements/Specifications and work with customers to meet/clarify specs.
· Remote  DIDR support and work with experts on issue resolution
Required Skills (Technical Competency):
· Good knowledge on automation controls systems for marine engines, Generator.
· Excellent communication interpersonal skills.
· Proven experience in writing controls logic using ladder logic/statement list/block logic diagrams, wiring diagram.
· Experience with marines engines software’s, water jet calibration , marine engines controls
·  Strong communication, presentation and project management skills
·  Experience working in all-over India, matrixes organizations and ability to make good timely decisions based on engines and gear box and water jets.
·  Capable of handling multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.
Apply Instructions
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