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3rd Mate

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
Employment type
Full Time
Mid Career
Our Company is searching for qualified candidates for the position of Mate  aboard our US flagged self-unloading vessels.

· Safely manning a Navigation Watch
· Supervising the Maintenance and upkeep of the hull, decks and superstructure of the vessel
· Responsible for the safe loading, unloading of cargo
· Ensuring that vessel lifesaving and firefighting equipment is properly maintained 
· Supervising and directing the vessels Deck Department, including the ordering of Deck Supplies

· Other duties assigned by the Vessel Master

Applicant must be willing to work towards their First Class Pilotage for the waters of the Great Lake

Why Choose Grand River Navigation?

  • As an employee you are part of the Rand Logistics family where Teamwork and      safety are a core value
  • Highly competitive wages and benefits
  • The best leave system in the industry
  • We pay for your travel to and from the vessel
  • Excellent Health and Retirement Benefits
  • Excellent safety record
At time of posting we have immediate deck officer openings, but candidates may be required to work as an Able Seaman Wheelsman until a Deck Officer position is available.
Apply Instructions

Apply Online at:  https://recruiting.

Grand River Navigation Company

Grand River Navigation Company

Grand River Navigation Company is the U.S. operating subsidiary of Rand Logistics Corporation. Together with our Canadian sister company, Lower Lakes Towing Ltd., we are one of the largest marine transportation service providers operating on the Great Lakes today with a combined fleet of 18 bulk freight vessel is service to over 50 customers across the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway.

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