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Warehouse Specialist,Manager/Owner,BandSaw Operator/Hyster Operator


Presently, seeking a flourishing position where extreme challenges and outstanding opportunities complement my abilities.


Proven abilities in stocking, order-picking, shipping, and receiving.

Skilled in safe forklift driving and warehouse operations; handle order expediting of electronics and fragile equipment.

Experience in worker training and supervision; knowledge of general bookkeeping and business administration; self-motivated and energetic.


Forrest Brook High School, Houston, TX

Graduate 1994





Global Exim, Houston, TX 2008-Present

Warehouse Specialist

Responsible for safe forklift driving, order picking, and stocking of packaging parts at this major warehouse.

Perform loading/unloading of trucks on a daily basis.

Assist in cross-training employees in order picking, stocking, and packing for international shipment.

Ensure that all warehouse equipment and tools are properly utilized to increase productivity , efficiency, and safety; report any unsafe conditions/equipment or injury to Supervisor or Manager

Key to Da City Promotions, Houston, TX 2003-Present


Involved in the setup and operation of this company.

Modeled the culture of the company.

Strategic Planner for the company.

Develops marketing and event plans for various events.

Hydril, Houston, TX 2003-2004

BandSaw Operator/Hyster Operator

Maintained a clean, safe, and productive work environment.

Utilize proper techniques for lifting, packing, and handling heavy objects.

Responsible for the careful handling of all materials, avoiding damage, bending, or tearing.

Inspect packed fairs to ensure instructions have been followed and quality standards maintained.

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