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Third Mate, unlimited tonnage


To obtain better knowledge and skills from my related work and training as a deck cadet at SUNY Maritime College.


Dec. 2005 – Jan. 2006

Allied Transportation, Norfolk, Virginia

Cadet Observer

Observed the 3rd Mate in the ship, tended lines, loaded and discharged cargo, stood four hour watches, daily cleaning and reading of cargo on board

May 2004 – July 2006

SUNY Maritime College Summer Sea Terms, Bronx, New York

1st Class

Chief Hospital Corpsman; was in charge of all sickbay, wrote down daily logs and assisted the doctor and nurse as needed, assisted in teaching first aid and CPR all 1st class deck cadets and 2nd class engine cadets, daily inspections of the messdeck food and sanitation of the areas where food was being cooked

2nd Class

In charge of watching over the 3rd class in work parties, assisted in teaching first aid and CPR to all 1st class deck cadets and all 2nd class engine cadets

3rd Class

Worked on deck using both electrical and pneumatic tools, paint inside and outside the house


SUNY Maritime College, Bronx, New York

Bachelor of Science

Marine Environmental Sciences

Expected Graduation Date: May 6, 2007


U.S.C.G. 3rd Mates License unlimited tonnage license

GMDSS Radio Operators License

STCW Compliant (Radar, Fire fighting, lifeboatman etc.)


Communication Skills

·Develop open-ended questions to facilitate dialogue

·Turn negative comments into positive statements

·Use the feedback formula for facilitating dialogue

Management Skills

·Strategic thinker with good knowledge of each area of the field in which I am working

·Strong leadership qualities and skills; ability to organize, direct and motivate people, to resolve conflict and keep the organization moving toward its goals

·Strong understanding of how to gauge customer needs and tastes

Laboratory Skills

·Been Credited 12 hours in Biology, Oceanography, Chemistry and Physics Labs

·Taken an intense Marine Biology lab which was hands on in Hawaii for three weeks


SUNY Maritime College, Bronx, New York

Regimental Athletic Rate

Accountable for cadet watches concerning their sport, in charge of all intramural sports, President of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Involved in management of the professionalism of each team

SUNY Maritime College, Bronx, New York

Assistant Secretary - Answered phones, Checked and replied to emails, Scheduled meetings and appointments

Bronx, NY,
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